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It's more than just kicking & punching

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Sunshine Coast's premier full-time martial arts dojo with over 40 classes per week

Teaching team lead by Martin & Sandra Phillips (both World Champions and Master Instructors)

Modern, fully-equipped training facility with two training spaces

An inspiring community of over 220 members on the move and strengthening with every year

Limited Places Available.  Waiting List Applies On Some Classes

Why Learn Karate?

Sharpen Your Mind

Strengthen Your Body

Calm Your Emotions

  • Karate begins and ends with respect. Every time you visit the dojo, you will practice using respect countless times. Habits we practice are habits we gain.
  • Martial arts classes will nurture and develop your body in a balanced way. You will become stronger, fitter and healthier. They will also develop muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, improved posture and breathing.
  • When you train regularly, you will feel better about yourself. You will generally be more happy, harmonious and enjoy a more calm, stable and balanced life. 
  • Martial arts classes nurture and develop your mind which leads to a heightened performance of focus, clarity, productivity, organisation, time management, problem solving and more.  
  • Earning belts takes commitment, perseverance and much patience. You will be challenged, you will develop coping strategies and habits of success to help them navigate through challenges.
  • In the dojo, you will learn how to face adversity with clarity and take the victorious road no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.

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2/14 Depot St (Access via Progress Rd)
Maroochydore, QLD, AUSTRALIA
Across the road from Energex

Ph: 0435 255 323

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