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It's more than just kicking & punching

Karate For Kids (4-12 Yrs)

Are You Ready to Empower Your Child
with Confidence, Self-discipline, and Resilience?

At Sunshine Coast Karate, we understand that every parent wants the best for their children. Our karate program is not just about kicks and punches; it’s about building life-long skills that extend far beyond the dojo.

Through consistent practice and the support of a nurturing community, your child will develop the skills and confidence they need to face life’s challenges head-on.  And, they will have a load of fun and make new friends.

We are committed to helping each child discover their potential and achieve their personal best. Our experienced instructors (all starting karate as kids themselves) are dedicated to providing the guidance and support your child needs to thrive. 

It’s important to understand that karate is not a quick fix, but rather a journey that builds a strong foundation for your child’s future. 

At Sunshine Coast Karate, we are here to support you and your child every step of the way. 

Here’s What Awaits Your Child:

- Enhanced focus and concentration
- Improved physical fitness and health
- Increased self-esteem and confidence
- Valuable lessons on respect and discipline
- A supportive and safe environment for personal growth
- And so much more!

Empowering Kids to Succeed

At Sunshine Coast Karate, success is more than just a goal; it's a journey of empowerment for your child. Through dedicated training and positive guidance, we aim to instil confidence, resilience, and focus in every young participant.

Through structured training and positive reinforcement, we aim to nurture their self-esteem and provide a foundation for future success.   

Experience the Difference 
Confidence, Respect, Self-Discipline and Fun in Every Kids Karate Class

At Sunshine Coast Karate, all karate kids classes go beyond mere physical training, offering a transformative experience for your child. Our curriculum is designed to build not only martial arts proficiency but also essential life skills.

From cultivating confidence and self-discipline to instilling respect and ensuring a fun learning environment, every aspect of our classes contributes to your child's holistic development.

'Experts in engaging young people'


"We had an absolutely amazing experience at Sunshine Coast Karate taking our students for their first karate experience. Martin and Sandra are experts in engaging young people and inspired our students with their holistic approach to learning both values and physical skills. We will definitely be engaging with SCK again and look forward to working with the dojo to help our students learn not just how to do karate, but to understand deeper philosophies of respect, discipline, growth mindset and how to work with others."

Kids Thrive in Our Positive and Engaging Karate Classes

Discover the positive impact of our engaging karate kids classes on your child's growth and development. In our nurturing environment, kids thrive as they build physical strength, mental resilience, and emotional well-being.

Our instructors focus on creating a positive atmosphere that encourages learning and personal growth. Through the practice of karate, children not only acquire self-defence skills but also develop valuable traits like focus, perseverance, and teamwork.

Empowering Karate Kids Classes
Where Discipline Meets Fun and Confidence Flourishes

At Sunshine Coast Karate our instructors aim to strike the perfect balance between discipline and fun, resulting in the flourishing confidence of your child. Our unique approach to teaching karate kids classes combines structured discipline with enjoyable activities, creating an environment where kids are eager to learn and participate.

As parents, you can trust that your child is not only gaining physical prowess but also cultivating a strong sense of self-discipline and confidence that will benefit them in various aspects of life.

'A disciplined & safe environment'


"What an amazing environment! Martin and Sandra and Debbie and the amazing students have been so wonderful and nurturing for my daughter to follow her dreams and grow to her best potential while learning a wonderful martial art in such a disciplined and safe environment. She loves it. Thanks Clay"

Karate Classes Are Now More Accessible Than Ever Before

Not only can you take advantage of family discounts at Sunshine Coast Karate, but you can now also save on tuition through the following initiatives.  

Project Lift
'Supporting Local Communities'

Double your initial membership.  
3 months to 6 months for FREE.

Watch the video below to learn how
you can benefit from this initiative.

Fair Play Vouchers
'QLD Government Funding'

You can use Fair Play Vouchers at Sunshine Coast Karate.  Current funding available is $200 per child. Ask our team for assistance of required.

Ages 5 - 17 years

If you’re interested in learning more about how karate can benefit your child, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a free trial class. See firsthand the positive impact that karate can have on your child’s confidence and overall well-being. Together, we can help your child build a brighter, more confident future.

Sunshine Coast Karate
It’s More Than Kicking & Punching

 It’s a Wholesome Approach to Physical Fitness,
Mental Toughness and Lasting Confidence’

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You missed out!

'For us the lessons at Sunshine Coast Karate really reinforce the life skills we are teaching our son at home - respect, confidence and acceptance.'


We have been going to Sunshine Coast Karate since February 2013. We viewed and trialled at various Karate schools on the Sunshine Coast. We are happy to share the reasons why we are happy and choose Sunshine Coast Karate.

Prior to starting at Sunshine Coast Karate our 7 year old son lacked self-confidence and concentration. Since starting with Sunshine Coast Karate he has started to handle social situations with more ease. He has also been commended on his attention and work performance in the classroom.

As parents we are very happy with our selection of Sunshine Coast Karate, not only because of the improvements we have witnessed in our son, but also in the way the school is run.

Both Martin & Sandra present themselves in a very professional manner. Sunshine Coast Karate offers a great sense of balance between fun and respect. We are impressed there are always senior students in a class to support the black belt instructor to ensure the children’s techniques are developing correctly.

For us the lessons at Sunshine Coast Karate really reinforce the life skills we are teaching our son at home - respect, confidence and acceptance. We would recommend this school to anyone who has children. Thank you Martin & Sandra and we look forward to many more years of involvement.

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You missed out!

Why Sunshine Coast Karate?

Martin & Sandra here,

Achieving your goals in all areas of your life has just gotten easier.  Our results driven programs coupled with our highly experienced professional team is packaged with a dynamic community of like minded people.  The Sunshine Coast Karate community are amazing people, just like you. Every person brings their own unique flavour to the dojo community and together we learn, grow and support each other.  Our community continues to grow and strengthen with every year and is built on respect, compassion and patience for ourselves and each other.

Results driven Programs
  • Skill based.   As you demonstrate a sound understanding of the required content you will be invited to challenge for your grading.
  • Continually being reviewed and refined to produce even greater experiences and results for everyone
  • Delivered in a step by step proven process to bring out your best
  • And.... it's lots of fun!!
Our Team
  • Internationally qualified instructor team
  • All of our up and coming instructors are guided through our comprehensive leadership program
  • Instructors all have current first aid and blue cards
  • Are dedicated to see you succeed and always looking for ways to do things better.  All feedback is welcome
  • Lead by example and encouraged to always prioritise being a student first

Together We Can Do So Much More

Exclusive Web Only Offer

Join Today And Enjoy

Sunshine Coast's premier full-time karate school with over 20 classes per week

Teaching team led by Martin & Sandra Phillips (both World Champions and Master Instructors)

Modern, fully-equipped training facility with a matted training area

An inspiring community of over 200 active members

Limited Places Available.  
Waiting List Applies On Some Classes

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You missed out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will karate training make my child aggressive?

Do I have to do a long term training commitment?

My child needs help with behaviour. Can karate help?

My child needs to focus more at school.  Will this help?

My child is shy, can they start with a friend?

Once I decide to get started with a FREE trial, how does it work?

More Benefits

Sharpen Your Mind

Strengthen Your Body

Calm Your Emotions

  • Karate begins and ends with respect. Every time your child visits the dojo, they will practice using respect countless times. Habits we practice are habits we gain.
  • Martial arts classes will nurture and develop your child's body in a balanced way. They will become stronger, fitter and healthier. They will also develop muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, improved posture and breathing.
  • When your child trains regularly, they will feel better about themselves. They will generally be more happy, harmonious and enjoy a more calm, stable and balanced life.
  • Martial arts classes nurture and develop your child's mind which leads to a heightened focus, clarity, productivity, organisation, time management, problem solving and more.  
  • Earning belts takes commitment, perseverance and much patience. Your child will be challenged, they will develop coping strategies and habits of success to help them navigate through challenges.
  • In the dojo, your child will learn how to face adversity with clarity and take the victorious road no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.

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    You missed out!

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