Maroochydore Dojo, 2/14 Depot St
It's more than just kicking & punching

A Valentines Gift For You To Share
With The One You Love

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    What better way to show your love than to share a new experience with your significant other? At our karate dojo, we have a special offer that will bring you and your loved one closer together.

    Your story could be just like ours.  For some people it's love at first sight, for us it was "Love at First Punch".  Our dojo will help bring you and your partner closer together through the shared experience of learning karate. Imagine training side by side, building strength and confidence together, and reaching new heights of fitness and martial arts mastery as a team.

    For Valentine's Day, we are offering a special deal for couples to train together at our dojo. Sign up together with your loved one for just $7 each and you will receive a free uniform and 28 days of unlimited training. This is a limited time offer, so don't miss out on this opportunity to bond with your loved one and start your own love story at our karate dojo.

    Enroll now and give the gift of love and martial arts to your significant other. Sign up for our Valentine's Day special offer and let us help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Sunshine Coast Karate.

    PLEASE NOTE: Offer is only valid for new students only, if you both you and your partner join together.

    Empowering You to Succeed

    At Sunshine Coast Karate, success is more than just a goal; it's a journey of empowerment for you and your partner. Through dedicated training and positive guidance, we aim to instil confidence, resilience, and focus in every participant.

    Through structured training and positive reinforcement, we aim to nurture self-esteem and provide a foundation for future success.   

    Where Self-Discipline Meets Fun and Confidence Flourishes

    At Sunshine Coast Karate our instructors aim to strike the perfect balance between discipline and fun, resulting in the perfect environment for you to grow your confidence, meet like-minded people who want to grow and succeed in life.

    Sunshine Coast Karate
    It’s More Than Kicking & Punching

    It’s a Wholesome Approach to Physical Fitness, 
    Mental Toughness and Personal Development.

    The special offer is no longer available,
    but you can still do a FREE Trial

    What’s not to love about learning to throw each other across a room!

    Bailey and I met at Sunshine Coast Karate, and while we can’t claim “love at first punch” it definitely helped. We’ve both been training for a large portion of our lives so it’s obvious we love karate. But regardless, there is such an amazing community at SCK that sharing it with your favourite person is such a wonderful experience. Not just training together but watching each other train. Learning techniques, solving problems, even doing pushups (yes there are pushups but I promise they’re worth it), every class is a new experience together. And even though you were together the whole time you’ll spend the drive home excitedly telling each other about everything that happened and complain loudly against the common enemy that karate provides ** Pushups! ** (told you they were worth it).

    Karate provides constant opportunities to grow and learn, to celebrate the wins together and to laugh at each other's losses (to be done with caution, remember, they know karate).


    What’s not to love about learning to throw each other across a room! Safely … obviously.

    Not only is fighting encouraged, you even get a referee! Truly a freeing experience.

    Build your strength and flexibility together so next time someone doesn’t do the dishes you have the control and accuracy to put your big toe up their nose (disclaimer this could take many years of training)

    And if you join with the Valentines special offer, not only do you save on fees but by joining together, you’ll cut equipment costs, no need for a punching bag...

    You have ** Each Other **

    Jacqui Lippey

    The special offer is no longer available,
    but you can still do a FREE Trial

    Why Sunshine Coast Karate?

    Martin & Sandra here,

    Achieving your goals in all areas of your life has just gotten easier.  Our results driven programs coupled with our highly experienced professional team is packaged with a dynamic community of like minded people.  The Sunshine Coast Karate community are amazing people, just like you. Every person brings their own unique flavour to the dojo community and together we learn, grow and support each other.  Our community continues to grow and strengthen with every year and is built on respect, compassion and patience for ourselves and each other.

    Results Driven Programs
    • Skill based.   As you demonstrate a sound understanding of the required content you will be invited to challenge for your grading.
    • Continually being reviewed and refined to produce even greater experiences and results for everyone
    • Delivered in a step by step proven process to bring out your best
    • And.... it's lots of fun!!
    Our Team
    • Internationally qualified instructor team
    • All of our up and coming instructors are guided through our comprehensive leadership program
    • Instructors all have current first aid and blue cards
    • Are dedicated to see you succeed and always looking for ways to do things better.  All feedback is welcome
    • Lead by example and encouraged to always prioritise being a student first

    Together We Can Do So Much More

    More Benefits

    • Karate begins and ends with respect. Every time you visit the dojo, you will practice using respect countless times. Habits we practice are habits we gain.
    • Martial arts classes will nurture and develop your body in a balanced way. You will become stronger, fitter and healthier. You will also develop muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, improved posture and breathing.
    • When you trains regularly, you will feel better about yourself. You will generally be more happy, harmonious and enjoy a more calm, stable and balanced life. 
    • Martial arts classes nurture and develop your mind which leads to a heightened focus, clarity, productivity, organisation, time management, problem solving and more.  
    • Earning belts takes commitment, perseverance and much patience. You will be challenged, you will develop coping strategies and habits of success to help you navigate through other challenges in life.
    • In the dojo, you will learn how to face adversity with clarity and take the victorious road no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the dojo located?

    Sunshine Coast Karate
    2/14 Depot (Cnr Progress Rd)
    Maroochydore, QLD

    Entrance to our carpark is across the road from Energex.

    When are classes?

    We have early mornning, daytime and evening classes 6 days per week at our full-time dojo in Maroochydore.  We have classes 

    View the current timetable online.

    How much are classes after the 4 week trial?

    After the trial, your membership will automatically continue with your choice of either a basic membership, which allows 2 classes per week at the dojo at a cost of $74 per fortnight or an all access unlimited membership at a cost of $99 per fortnight.

    If you would like to select a different membership option when the trial period ends, please speak to dojo staff for more information.

    If you don't want to continue, you can cancel anytime giving 7 days written notice and you will not be charged anything else.


    What if I miss out on the special offer?

    This is a time limited special offer.  If you are too late, you can still get started with a FREE trial lesson.  Regsiter now on the form below.

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        The special offer is no longer available,
        but you can still do a FREE Trial

        Valentines - Special Membership Offer

        4 Simple Steps To Get Started

        1. Book Your FREE Trial Lesson (on this page)
        2. Attend your FREE Trial Lesson.
        3. Bookmark this page, so that you can claim the special offer.
        4. On the day of your trial lesson, select your preferred membership from the options below and complete the membership registration form.

        Important: The special offer is only available if you register on that day.

        FREE Trial Lesson - Register Now

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          Select Your Preferred Membership

          On the day of your FREE trial, select your preferred membership & complete the online membership application form.

          If you have any questions before proceeding, please don't hesitate to speak to dojo staff or contact us.  Please note, there are a few important notes at the bottom of this page.

          Basic Membership

          Recommended for students who seeking steady progress through consistent effort



           First 28 Days

          No Joining & FREE Uniform

          You SAVE



           First 28 Days

          (Normally $268)

          Then $74 / fortnight 

          * No Contract *

          • 2 Group Classes Per Week
          • Live Online Classes
          • Members Only Website

          NOTE:  The full price of $219 for the first fortnight & $99 each fortnight thereafter will be shown on the registration form.  If you & your partner register together before 29 Feb 2024, the above discounts will be applied before any payment are processed.

          A Few Important Notes

          1. To claim this special offer, you must join by:  29 Feby 2024.
          2. This special offer is for new members only.
          3. This special offer may not be used in conjuncion with any other special offer.
          4. You must join with your partner to claim this special offer.  The only exception is if the partner of an existing member joins.
          5. All applications for membership are manually reviewed by dojo staff. Prices above will also have an additional 10% family discount off normal individual rates, which will be aplied off regular forntightly payments after the first 28 days if you and your partner are paying together.

          Connect With Us

          2/14 Depot St (Access via Progress Rd)
          Maroochydore, QLD, AUSTRALIA
          Across the road from Energex

          Ph: 0435 255 323

          The special offer is no longer available,
          but you can still do a FREE Trial

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