Clearing the Cobwebs


So we have completed our first training session with Soke Sensei.  I dare say that I felt like I was training in one of the aisles of the aeroplane this morning.  Not a pretty sight I’m sure but I had fun clearing the cobwebs.   Quite difficult to find a harmonious and peaceful self this morning but it was a truly awesome experience.   Training at the Sohonbu is…. very cool.

I hope that more students (even our Little Champions and Karate Kids) set their sights on coming to Japan for training and making it a regular part of their annual training program.  Below are a few pictures of Helen from this morning.

I can hear the washing machine chatting away downstairs and it shouldn’t be finished it’s cycle yet so that can only mean one thing.  Better go and give Helen a hand.

Have a great day everyone.  Helen and I will see if we can get out today and see what we can find.  Be in touch soon.

A quote for today:  “Take risks:  If you win you will be happy; if you lose you will be wise.”  ~ Unknown


Helen getting ready before her first training session.



If you look closely you can see Helen taking her first step into the dojo for her first session with Soke Sensei.



Helen with Soke Sensei after morning training.



Ready… Set…. Clean that floor Helen. :>)



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