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Sign On Day - Sat, 15 Feb 2020

 FREE Trial Lessons For All Ages

FREE Trial Lessons - Sat, 15 Feb
  • 8:45-9:30am - Little Champions Karate (4-7 Yrs)
  • 9:30-10:30am - Kids Karate (8-15 Yrs)
  • 10:30-11:30am - Teens & Adults Karate
More Things To Enjoy On The Day
  • Demonstration from senior students & instructors
  • FREE sausage sizzle
  • Colouring competition for kids
  • Special offers for new members who sign up on the day

Why Sunshine Coast Karate?

Martin & Sandra here,

Achieving your goals in all areas of your life has just gotten easier.  Our results driven programs coupled with our highly experienced professional team is packaged with a dynamic community of like minded people.  The Sunshine Coast Karate community are amazing people, just like you. Every person brings their own unique flavour to the dojo community and together we learn, grow and support each other.  Our community continues to grow and strengthen with every year and is built on respect, compassion and patience for ourselves and each other.

Results driven Programs
  • Skill based.   As you demonstrate a sound understanding of the required content you will be invited to challenge for your grading.
  • Continually being reviewed and refined to produce even greater experiences and results for everyone
  • Delivered in a step by step proven process to bring out your best
  • And.... it's lots of fun!!
Our Team
  • Internationally qualified instructor team
  • All of our up and coming instructors are guided through our comprehensive leadership program
  • Instructors all have current first aid and blue cards
  • Are dedicated to see you succeed and always looking for ways to do things better.  All feedback is welcome
  • Lead by example and encouraged to always prioritise being a student first

Together We Can Do So Much More

What People Say About Us


Terry Colless

You will love Sunshine Coast Karate. We are hooked!

Our Three Children and I have been training and learning at Sunshine Coast Karate for a few months now. Why I included learning, is that we are not just training, we are learning so many things about Karate, and our selves ourselves and each other.

The whole experience is amazing. There are so many benefits. We are fitter, more flexible and we are doing a really healthy activity together. I am less stressed and more at ease in other areas of my life now. And my children are a lot more confident, have higher self esteem and are a lot more focused at School. We practice at home and we talk about Karate a lot. Its not unusual now for our Children to start a Karate Demonstration after dinner proudly showing us what they have learnt at Karate.

We were already a close family, but now we are a lot closer because we spend more time together, training together and having fun together. And we have also made some great new friends as well. We really feel like we are part of the Sunshine Coast Karate family.

A lot of people might think that Karate is just a lot of Kicking and Punching. Maybe that’s the case with other martial arts, but it is so much more than that at Sunshine Coast Karate. Sensei’s Martin and Sandra are amazing people. And so are all of the other Sensei's, Senpais and leaders at Sunshine Coast karate. Everyone is really positive and encouraging.

There is that perfect balance of discipline for the children, but we also have a lot of fun as well. The Instructors and leaders are so patient with everyone, especially the little Champions (Age 4-8 ). They just know how to bring out the best in everybody. Sometimes I laugh to often and to loudly at my coordination or lack there of. And sometimes when we sit in Seiza watching a demonstration during class, we sit in absolute awe of what we are seeing.

I train in some of the adult classes and in some of my kids classes as well. It is fantastic to be able to train alongside my children. We meditate, we stretch, we strengthen, we sweat, we puff and we laugh. If you don’t know what to expect at your first class, it is kind of like crossfit, mixed with Yoga, Pilates, Meditation , Cardio training, Martial Arts and Self Defence all in one. And if you are like my kids and I, the more you learn about Chito Ryu Karate , the more you will want to learn.

When you join , you will also have access to all of Sunshine Coast Karate’s online recourses. In the members section there are loads of resources to read and videos to watch. And if you have any questions everyone is very approachable and more than willing to share there knowledge on a certain technique.

Please come along and give it try. As they say the hardest part is stepping into the dojo and giving it a try for the first time. You and your Children might be nervous, but honestly there is nothing to be nervous about. There is no such a thing as being really bad when you start learning Karate at Sunshine Coast Karate, there is only room for improvement. What if you and your kids are naturals at Karate. You wont know unless you give it go. If you are willing to give it a try you will find all of the encouragement and support you need at Sunshine Coast Karate. We look forward to seeing you there!


Debbie Woodhouse

Let's face it, being a parent is a tough job. I was so lucky to find Sunshine Coast Karate, who have been the most amazing and supportive coaches for my children and I for 18 years now. 

As 5th Dan instructors and world champions of the Chito-Ryu style of karate, Senseis Martin and Sandra, teach karate with great skill, positive encouragement and in an energetic, motivating and fun environment. They are also subtle and influential partners in developing those positive values and real life skills which are fundamental to successfully navigating that transition from teenager to young adult.

Their learning for life philosophy grounded in personal challenge, team participation, physical and spiritual wellbeing, developed innate values of leadership, courage, respect, loyalty and resilience throughout my children’s primary and high school years.

Most notably these qualities were exhibited during those difficult teenage years. My children shared their knowledge and experience respectfully and patiently with older and younger karate students, even with their very nervous white belt mum when I began my karate. They stood up for what they thought was right and to school bullies, both for themselves and others. They proudly represented their state and country in competition, by having the spirit to participate and experience, not win at all costs. And most importantly built the fortitude and resilience to make their way through life's challenges with a healthy serve of self-esteem and independence.

I continue my karate4life journey, knowing my children respect, value and practice the philosophy and skills developed, as part of their membership of the Sunshine Coast Karate family.

If you are looking for something to help manage the stress, uncertainty and frustrations of the modern world for your children, I can certainly testify and recommend Sunshine Coast Karate will make a positive difference to their, and your, health, wellbeing and future.

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    • Karate begins and ends with respect. Every you visit the dojo, you will practice using respect countless times. Habits we practice are habits we gain.
    • Martial arts classes will nurture and develop you body in a balanced way. You will become stronger, fitter and healthier. You will also develop muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, improved posture and breathing.
    • When you trains regularly, you will feel better about yourself. You will generally be more happy, harmonious and enjoy a more calm, stable and balanced life. 
    • Martial arts classes nurture and develop your mind which leads to a heightened performance of focus, clarity, productivity, organisation, time management, problem solving and more.  
    • Earning belts takes commitment, perseverance and much patience. You will be challenged, they will develop coping strategies and habits of success to help them navigate through challenges.
    • In the dojo, you will learn how to face adversity with clarity and take the victorious road no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.

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