Learn How To Tie Your Belt in Minutes

JUST GETTING STARTED AT SCK AND YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO TIE YOUR BELT…. Check out this fun video and learn how to tie your karate belt in minutes.

Download Belt Tying Chart Here

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Thank you to Sensei Helen, Debbie and our amazing karate kids for featuring in this video.



Congratulations Harrison!

Harrison’s hard work is paying off.  Congratulations to Harrison who recently earned his Little Champions yellow stripe belt at SCK.

Congratulations Tenaya

Congratulations to Tenaya who won our Term 2 colouring competition. Tenaya is pictured below with her artwork and her prize.  Well done Tenaya!

Keep an eye out for our Term 3 Colouring Competition which will be launched early Term 3.

Boys Vs Girls Holiday Challenge

I gave a few of our intermediate karate kids the chance to create some challenge obstacle courses for each other in class last week and….. it quickly turned into a “boys v’s girls” competition. This time, the girls took the win, but I get the feeling the boys will be looking for a rematch this coming week with a more challenging course. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

More Grading Celebrations

Congratulations to Will, Lachlan, Miyuki, Brett and Bec!!! A great achievement by all of you and well deserved. Keep up the great work.

Next Grading:  Saturday 25th August 2018


Father & Son Team at SCK Powering Along Together

At SCK we are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with father and son team, Peter and Ethan. Peter trains along side of his son Ethan in our Karate Kids program every week.  Below are two photos.  One taken back in February when they were both white belts.  The second photo was taken just last week after they received their belts from their first grading at SCK.

Congratulations Peter and Ethan.  I look forward to capturing many more moments of you both together as you move towards black belt and beyond.

Subway Sports Awards at SCK

Congratulations to all of our Subway Sports Award Winners this week.  In the photos below we have Nakoa and Steven celebrating their success.

A big thank you to Kunda Park Subway for helping us celebrate our young athletes at Sunshine Coast Karate.

Grading Celebrations at SCK

Check out all of these new belts!!  Congratulations to all students who earned new grades at the recent grading.  It hasn’t been an easy been all smooth sailing but the results speak for themselves.  We are very proud of all of you.  Keep up the great work everyone.

Great Job Halina!

A big congratulations to Halina who recently earned her Little Champions orange stripe belt.  Halina is a bundle of energy who knows how to focus.  Keep up the great work Halina.   Halina is pictured here with Senpai Bailey.