Celebration Time!!!

Way to go Team Sunshine Coast Karate.  Here are a few more photos celebrating SCK’s big win in Telstra’s Connected Community Program.


Senpai Bailey Making A Difference At SCK

Here are a few photos of Senpai Bailey with a couple of our Little Champions before our Saturday Little Champions Class.  Our Saturday morning Little Champions Class is quickly becoming Senpai Bailey’s class as he develops his confidence as a young instructor at Sunshine Coast Karate.

Senpai Bailey has been training at Sunshine Coast Karate for many years now.  He knows what it’s like to be a young boy with a passion for karate and lots of energy to burn.   What better person to step up and lead our younger Little Champions who are so eager to learn karate.

Senpai Bailey has an extraordinary training history so far both in the dojo as a student/leader and on the tournament circuit.  Senpai Bailey has even been to Japan to train with Soke (International Supreme Instructor of Chito-Ryu Karate-Do).

Keep up the great work Bailey and thank you for all that you do in the dojo.  A wonderful role model for our young karate kids following in your footsteps.  I am also very grateful that you keep us on our toes with our personal training and leadership development.



SCK Top Voters WIN an IPad!

A big thank you to everyone who voted for SCK in Telstra’s Connected Community Program.  It was an extraordinary effort by everyone and we are so grateful to be a part of such an amazing community.

Here is a picture of two of our top voters, Hannah & Leo soon after receiving their prize, a brand new IPad.  Having the opportunity to award the IPad will be an experience I’ll remember for a long time.   It was an afternoon of overwhelming joy that flooded the dojo that was felt by everyone present.

May everyone’s lives be filled with such joyful experiences.

Subway Sports Awards

Congratulations to all of our Subway Sports Award Winners this week. The photos below are of two of our Little Champions, Harry & Ruby who earned the Subway Sports Award this week.

A big thank you to Kunda Park Subway for helping us celebrate our young athletes at Sunshine Coast Karate.

Smiles All Round At Sunshine Coast Karate

Congratulations to Leo, Mylo and Archer earning new tips in our Little Champions Programs.

At Sunshine Coast Karate, our Little Champions are encouraged to put in their best effort with every lesson and intentionally exercise their mind and body.

It’s a truly magic moment when our Little Champions realise that they can make positive choices in their lives, apply themselves (mind & body) and create favourable results through consistent and focused action. And, they can do all of this whilst having a load of FUN.

Outwardly, we may see tips and belts being awarded, but the real win is what is happening on the inside. When it comes time to receive a belt promotion, our Little Champions can stand tall and embrace their victory moment more fully with great satisfaction.

Our Little Champions:
1. Make a commitment
2. Invest time and do the work
3. Develop their skills and grow in confidence.

Congratulations once again to Leo, Mylo and Archer on your recent achievements. Let’s keep growing together!

SCK Little Champions Program Information


Karate For U3A Sunshine Coast

Congratulations to all U3A members who shared term 2 with us at Sunshine Coast Karate. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with you all. Enjoy your holiday and we look forward to seeing you in term 3.

U3A Sunshine Coast: U3A is for people who are no longer working full-time, but wish to continue to learn and broaden their horizons. “Learning for the joy of learning”.

Team Sunshine Coast Karate, Your Cheque Has Arrived

Thanks to Telstra Stores Maroochydore, Sunshine Plaza and Noosa for visiting SCK to present our team with a cheque of $5,000 for winning the Telstra Connected Community Competition.

A special thank you to all members who took part in the afternoon photo shoot and training session. Good times!!

What next…. The industrial fan is scheduled to be installed this Friday and then….. It’s Party Time!!

Telstra representatives will return to SCK on Sunday 1st July at 10:00am. Free food and drinks for everyone!!! Click on the link for event information. See you there.

It’s Party Time!

Team Sunshine Coast Karate, you voted, you won, the fan is being installed and now….“It’s time to PARTY!!”  With the help of the Telstra Team, a party will be hosted at the dojo on Sunday, 1st July starting at 10:00am.

This party is for you, your family and friends. It’s for EVERYONE that supported Sunshine Coast Karate in Telstra Connected Community Competition. And, it’s come at the perfect time as we wrap up another great term of training, fun, friendship and community at Sunshine Coast Karate.

And you’ll even get to check out the huge, new fan that’ll be installed in the dojo as a result of the prize money we won thanks to you.

Our very own Miyuki-san, will be catering this party with some amazing Japanese food and your local committee will be providing a variety of drinks for you to enjoy. It’s all Free for you to enjoy!!!

Local Telstra Team representatives will have a limited supply of Telstra merchandise to distribute at the party.

To help with catering, please RSVP along with the number of attendees.  How to RSVP:
1.  Add your name to the sign up sheet on the dojo noticeboard
2.  Sign up via our SCK Facebook Events Page