A Special Afternoon For Amelie

The day this photo was taken, Debbie came in to let us know of a special moment for Amelie  which we celebrated in class that day.   Amelie and Audrey have ben training at SCK for a little while now and bring so much joy and energy to the dojo. It has been especially exciting to see their belt colours continue to change as they move towards the higher levels in our Little Champions program.

For those who have visited SCK, there is a good chance you have been welcomed to the dojo by  Debbie.  Debbie has been with us at SCK for sometime now and she continually amazes us with her work and care for all SCK families.

We rarely get to see Debbie in photos as she is usually kept busy at the front desk, so we thought it would be a great chance to acknowledge the connection that Debbie has with all of our SCK families.   It’s not uncommon to see Debbie’s desk surrounded by kids before and after classes and she will often slip into the dojo to help kids settle in to their training.

You Did Jenson, Thanks Mum & Dad!!!

Jenson has been working hard for some time now in order to earn his first Little Champions belt at Sunshine Coast Karate.  It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Jenson, but with the support of his family and instructors, Jenson is now celebrating with his karate friends and family.

Although we all experience our training journey’s a little differently, it’s not uncommon to see new students start their training program with great enthusiasm.  This enthusiasm will last for quite a while for some. Yet for others, the enthusiasm may diminish more quickly.  Maybe the same can be true of all areas of our lives when we start a new business, a new relationship, a new study, a new hobby etc.

As we move beyond the excitement of the “new”, there is a phase of realisation that we are going to need to take some responsibility.  In order to put the runs on the board it will require some quality effort and we’ll need to be patient with ourselves as we acquire new skills.  Some will choose to allow themselves to be distracted and become busy with something else which may be more “new and exciting”.  Others will set a goal, create a plan, make the most of their team (professionals, family, friends) and get to work.

Although Jenson may not be completely aware of goal setting, commitment, patience, focused effort or the benefits of martial arts in his life, his parents are.  Jenson’s parents have demonstrated great strength, consistency, compassion and support to help Jenson achieve his yellow stripe belt.    We have also been fortunate to have Jenson’s parents step in and be a part of the dojo community at our annual social events.  Not only giving their time to help out, but they have also treated SCK families and friends with some amazing home style Thai food.

Having a proven martial arts program delivered by a qualified team can produce great results.  However, when you add eager parents to the team to become the number 1 supporters of our karate kids and get involved in the community, we can have have a huge impact on our own lives and the generations that follow in our foot steps.

A huge thank you to all the parents/carers at Sunshine Coast Karate who make the time to be the “number one fans” of your karate kids.   We are very grateful for all that you do and although I’m sure it is challenging at times, you are making a positive difference in the lives of your children.

Uniting and Strengthening Families Project – 
We are currently expanding into a second training space at our Maroochydore dojo and will soon be opening up registration to serve more families on the Sunshine Coast.  Many of our karate kids programs are currently full with only few places available at this time so if you have been wanting to make martial arts a part of your life and share with your family now is the time to connect with our staff to express your interest.   We have a growing number of teens and adults also joining SCK as they too are becoming more aware of the benefits of martial arts training to help them better enjoy their lives.

Senior Students Having A Positive Impact on Our Youth

It’s not always apparent what kind of impact you are having on the lives of others, good or bad, until it is pointed out to you.  I was reminded of this recently through one of our young karate kids, Jude and one of our seniors, Senpai Matt.

Not so long ago in February, we held a Sign on Day in which I remember introducing many of our Little Champions and Karate Kids to our seniors. I especially remember the moment that I introduced Jude to Senpai Matt.  Jude’s reaction was “priceless”.    Wide eyed, jaw dropping and he couldn’t take his eyes off Senpai Matt.  Jude trained “in the moment” with a remarkable training attitude, hanging off Senpai Matt’s every word and doing all he could to copy Senpai Matt’s every move.

Here are a few photos taken back in February.

Senpai Matt leading Jude through basic stances


Jude completing a balancing activity with Senpai Matt by his side

Senpai Matt demonstrating Henshu Ho with Senpai Keanu


Senpai Matt and Jude wrapping up a great session together

Only months later (June), as we wrapped up our Saturday Karate Kids class and welcomed our Teens/Adults onto the floor, Senpai Matt and Jude bumped into each other again.  Jude was beside himself seeing Senpai Matt again and it was just like the day they met back in February.   I thought I’d better get a photo to celebrate their friendship.  I think Sensei Martin was a little excited too.  :>)

Thanks to Senpai Matt and all of our seniors at Sunshine Coast Karate.  Not only are you all stepping it up with your own training, you are also making a difference in the lives of the students that follow in your footsteps.

And, all the best to young Jude who will be challenging for his first karate kids grading later in the month.  I’m sure Jude is feeling pretty pumped after seeing Senpai Matt and will be training with greater determination and focus as he edges closer to the grading.

Team Sunshine Coast Karate, It’s Time To Receive Your Prize Of $5,000

A photographer and Telstra representatives will be visiting the dojo on Wednesday 20th June 2018 at 4:30pm to take photos of our team receiving a novelty cheque and capture some ‘before photos’ of the dojo prior to the installation of the large industrial fan. We would love to have you, your family and friends join us for this photo shoot. There is no RSVP required, simply turn up.

Although there will be some training, we would like to offer our usual Wednesday 4:30pm class students an opportunity to book in for a make up class at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. And thank you for voting for Sunshine Coast Karate in Telstra’s Connected Community Program.  WHAT A TEAM!!!

June 2018 Newsletter

The latest newsletter (June 2018 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – June 2018 Newsletter (2.0MB PDF)

Latest News:

  • Team SCK, You have won $5,000
  • Upcoming Events (June-July 2018, plus all 2018 gradings, tournaments & camps)
  • New Training Space Update

SCK Students:

    • Stretch & Sweat Class
    • Attendance Recognition
      • Top Training Little Champion – Timothy Probert (17 lessons)
      • Top Training Karate Kid – Sam Phillips (21 lessons)
      • Top Training Teen/Adult – Justin Otto (27 lessons)
    • Committed to Excellence Awards
    • New Students
    • Student Birthday’s
    • Quotes of the Month
  • Karate Bringing Families Together
  • “Community” Colouring Competition
  • SCK Instructors Supporting Local Japanese Language Students
  • Japanese with Rika Sensei
  • Little Champions Rewarded For Their Hard Work
  • Subway Sports Awards

Download the newsletter now: June 2018 Newsletter (2.0MB PDF)

Who Were The First SCK Students to Train in the New Training Space?

We got a little excited this week and had a smaller size teens-adult class on Tuesday night so we thought we’d test out the new training space.  Senpai Matt got the class kick started with a warm up and we were on our way.

Our lucky students getting to test out this training area was – Senpai Matt, Senpai Keanu, Senpai Bailey, Renae, Justin, Andrew & Lachlan.  I hope everyone enjoyed their training.  Can’t wait to launch this training space real soon.



Committed to Excellence

Congratulations to Karate Kid, Sai who has recently celebrated one year of training at Sunshine Coast Karate. Well done Sai, and thanks for the opportunity to work with you and your family.

Karate Kids Stepping it Up a Notch

Congratulations to Karate Kids, Joseph and Kimberley who earned Subway Sports Awards last week.  It’s not an easy task to choose recipients for our Subway Sports Awards as there are so many great kids to work with.

Keep up the great work Joseph and Kimberley.

Thank you to Subway Kunda Park for helping us celebrate our young athletes.

Second Training Space Update – Flooring is finished!!

Another busy couple of days working on the second training space.  It’s starting to look at little more like a dojo.   A big thank you to Sensei Martin and Richard for investing a great deal of time and effort to complete the flooring.

Unfortunately I didn’t capture Richard being amazing this time but we’ll catch him next time.