Using The Member Portal (ClubWorx)

Frequently Asked Questions

Logging Into The Member Portal (ClubWorx)

If you are an individual, you can use this link to login to ClubWorx:

Alternatively, if you have multiple family members who are members of Sunshine Coast Karate, each family member has their own unique login details:

  • Member Portal URL
  • Member Portal PIN

Please contact us and we'll send the information to you.

Class Bookings

After you login to the member portal, go the navigation and select "Make a Booking".

Select the date and class you want to book into and select either:

  • "Book Event" - To make a one off booking, or
  • "Book All Events" - To make a recurring booking at for the same class each week.

Please note, there is currently a known glitch in the system.  If you have a membership that is paid annually and has less than a year remaining, you will not be able to make recurring bookings yourself, if you would like to make recurring bookings, please contact us and let us know the classes you would like to attend and we'll book them for you.

Make Up Classes

If your membership is limited to a certain number of classes per week and you have missed a class or have been marked absent for a class, a make up class will be automatically added to your profile after the schedule class that you missed.  If your membership includes unlimited classes, no make up classes will ever be added to your profile, because you can book in for classes whenever you want.

Make up classes are added in the form of a new membership that allows you to do 1 lesson and expires in 6 weeks. The classes are added 3 hours after the missed class.  You can check to see how many make up classes you have by logging into the member portal (Clubworx) and going to your profile, this will show all of your active memberships.

Please note:  Make up lessons are only available to students with an active paid membership.  If you cancel your paid membership any make up lessons will be lost.  

Important:  If you cancel a booking and do not re-book another class in the same week, a make-up class will NOT be added to your profile. If you want to claim the make up class, the best thing to do is just leave your booking in place.  It's not an ideal solution, but this is one of the limitations of the system at present, that we have not found a better way around yet.

If you have any questions about make up classes, please contact us.

Waiting List

If you have added yourself or your child to a waiting list for a class and someone cancels, you (your child) will automatically be booked into the class and you will be sent an email and an SMS to notify you of this update.

Updating Payment Details

Please complete the online form to update your payment details for automatic payments.  Please note, all updates are manually reviewed before changes are applied.

Upgrade Your Membership

Please complete the online form to upgrade your membership.  Please note, all upgrades are manually reviewed to check payment schedules and family discounts.  Please also note, these online forms include a joining fee of $120 for new students, this does not apply to students who are upgrading from another paid membership. When upgrading, any other paid memberships will be cancelled and the new membership will take its place.

If you are a black belt, please contact us for special memberships only available to black belts.

Referral Program


  • You receive $100 credit that you can use at Sunshine Coast Karate, either off your training fees or to spend in the club shop
  • If you use a VIP referral card (available from the dojo), your friend receives FREE tuition for their first fortnight upon joining

Family Discount

If you have multiple family members training, you may be eligible for the family discount:

  • 2 family members = 10% OFF everyone's tuition
  • 3 or more family members = 15% OFF everyone's tuition

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