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Friday Flashbacks:

Check out these cool karate kids at our 2017 nerf battle. It’s only been a couple of years since these photos were taken but it’s great to see the change in belt colours for these students. So much growth in such a short period of time. Keep up the great work everyone!!! Until our next Nerf Battle….

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This week, our local Australian team members found their way onto the front page of the Maroochy & Kawana Weekly. A big thank you to journalist Eden Boyd and her team for helping us celebrate our athletes with the wider Sunshine Coast community.

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Senpai Sami returned from Canada last Wednesday (after 3 and a 1/2 weeks) and was straight back into life. With only a quick chance to unpack and visit school teachers, she was then back in the dojo to train in the teens/adult class. Last night we took the time to celebrate Sami’s journey so far with the presentation of her…

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Welcome Back!!!

It’s great to welcome our younger Aussie team members back to the dojo this week. And of course team photographer, Maureen.It looks like we’ll have a few more students with their eyes on the 2022 Soke Cup. Until then, let’s enjoy our training and each other.Let’s Grow!!!

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Determination + Effort + Enthusiasum:

Rosemarie continues to inspire all of us at Sunshine Coast Karate. Here is a short piece that was written some time ago, before Sensei Klaudia and Sensei Keanu had earned their black belts.Today, Rosemarie is 3rd kyu and currently celebrating her recent achievement, gold at the 2019 Soke Cup. Well done Rosemarie!! Determination, Effort & Enthusiasm

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Special achievements for Klaudia:

Before we left Penticton today to head back home to Australia, we made a special stop to visit Sensei Klaudia Caston in her hotel room. Sensei Klaudia will be staying on in Canada for the next 2 years on a working holiday, travelling around the country and hopefully getting to train with a lot of the Canadian Chito-Ryu family along…

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