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Managing Class Bookings on Zen Planner

This short video explains a few of the common problems that members face when managing class bookings on Zen Planner Log in to the SCK Zen Planner web app Switching between family members Deleting a class booking (one off) Adding a class booking (one off) If you have any further questions or need to update your regular class bookings in…

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SCK Instructors Support Local Japanese Language Students

Japanese language teacher from the Kawana High School, Nicole Notting Sensei, continues to go above and beyond to provide her students with memorable learning experiences to not only develop their language skills but to also experience the Japanese culture right here on the Sunshine Coast. Last Friday the 4th May, Notting Sensei organised a full day of activities for her…

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The Tortoise Takes The Cake

At our recent kyu grading, one senior members, Selina Strazzari moved up to 1st kyu.  Next step, black belt. Like most people, her karate journey hasn’t all been a smooth easy path.  There have been times when she’s moved forwards quickly and other times when it’s been hard going for her.  After the grading we spoke to her and she…

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A Page Out of Rosemarie’s Book – Determination, Effort & Enthusiasm

Rosemarie (2)Observing a Genuine Person With a Heart of Gold

Rosemarie has been in and out of our lives for over 10 years now and watching her grow has been truly inspirational.   In the early years I knew Rosemarie mostly as a caring parent of three beautiful young children.   With every conversation and moment that I had with her, I knew there was something special about her.

I wasn’t a parent when I first met Rosemarie, but I just loved her dedication to her family. No matter what she did, she always applied herself with great determination, effort and enthusiasm.  Although she demonstrated such strength of character, it was always wrapped in a gentleness and genuine care for others.

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Break Through Your Challenges Today With A Rock Solid Martial Arts Program!

It’s time to kick start Term 4 with our full training schedule (28 karate classes/week + a weekly Yoga class) at Sunshine Coast Karate.  If you have ever thought about trying martial arts and you live on the Sunshine Coast, you’ve got come along and try Sunshine Coast Karate’s Free Trial Program.

Co-founding instructors Martin and Sandra Phillips, a husband & wife team have been training since they were in school and have a combined 54 years experience.  Karate is their ‘way of life’ and they are eager to share karate with families of the Sunshine Coast community.

Not only do they want to share with you a traditional Karate style (Chito-Ryu Karate-Do) encompassing respect, self-discipline, commitment, patience and perseverance, they want to also share with you how they transfer their skills in the dojo into their everyday lives.

Maybe you haven’t ever considered yourself as a martial arts fan, but you would really like to take control of your life once and for all.  If you truly commit yourself to a regular martial arts program in a positive and supportive environment, the sky really is the limit as to how much positive change you can bring forth in your life.

david and bella

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Friday Evening Entertainment at the Dojo

This will be my final post before going to Japan tomorrow.  The goal of this post is to share some smiles, to nail the art of adding video to a blog post and to practice adding photos to a blog post. To begin this post I would like to introduce you to our son, Steven. Steven is 5 years old…

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A Sneak Peek Into Sensei Sandra’s Life

To help get a little more practice with blogging before going to Japan I thought I’d share some of the special places where I spend a lot of my time.  Many students have asked me what I do in my spare time so here is a sneak peak.  To put things into perspective, each day I am continually exploring my…

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