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The practice of martial arts is kind of like a "miracle formula" for all of us, especially teenagers. Many of our young adults that have already navigated through their teenager years speak of the inner strength, courage, commitment, confidence and focus that pulled them through some of their toughest times.

Some of our students that stopped training in the midst of their teenager years have also openly shared with us that they wish they had never stopped training. They couldn't believe how much their karate training was helping them move smoothly through their teenager years with stability, a sense of belonging and the feeling of being grounded and comfortable with themselves.

Once they stopped training, their focus became scattered, achievement and success was rare and life just seemed to get faster with an endless supply of distractions. Days, turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and months turned to years. Before they knew it, they were running on empty and relying solely on their external environments and friendships for the next big thing that was going to turn their life around.

Staying Focused & Motivated Has Just Gotten Easier

When we have spoken to some of our local school teachers about some of our students, we were always delighted and proud to learn of the high level of respect, sense of responsibility, leadership, self discipline, team work, focus and many other positive qualities that were being demonstrated in the school environment.

Although we are the first to admit that we are students ourselves and still have much to learn, we can say from the bottom of our hearts that karate training is an extraordinary vehicle which nurtures and prepares our teenagers in a magnificent way.

Every person is different, as we were when we were both training as teenagers ourselves. But, with ongoing effort and time, karate training can support teenagers throughout their schooling and further propel them forward to a bright future of their choice.

At Sunshine Coast Karate, our teenagers benefit greatly by training alongside our adults. Our adults inspire, support, encourage and lead by example. As our teenagers progress through the ranks, they will often assume leadership roles in which they have the opportunity to further nurture qualities of respect, leadership, compassion and patience.

A Powerful And Effective Method To Bring Out Your Best

Achieving each level within martial arts requires the incremental improvement of your teenager's understanding and ability to execute their basics a little better with each level. This learning process encourages a beautiful yet powerful "learner mindset". This learning mindset requires the gradual improvement of focus, concentration and much patience. It also requires a genuine curiosity to seek a way to improve their existing practice. Why are we so excited about this learner mindset for your teenager?

The more time your teenager invests in martial arts, the more they are able to focus and concentrate. This increased ability to focus will help your teenager cut through the noise and distractions of our external environments (including peer pressure and bullying) that may be holding them back in school, at home or in other activities. With more practice of this learner mindset coupled with a growing self awareness and confidence, your teenager will position themselves to take on all challenges with a great level of determination.

Why Sunshine Coast Karate?

Martin & Sandra here,

Achieving your goals in all areas of your life has just gotten easier.  Our results driven programs coupled with our highly experienced professional team is packaged with a dynamic community of like minded people.  The Sunshine Coast Karate community are amazing people, just like you. Every person brings their own unique flavour to the dojo community and together we learn, grow and support each other.  Our community continues to grow and strengthen with every year and is built on respect, compassion and patience for ourselves and each other.

Results driven Programs
  • Skill based.   As you demonstrate a sound understanding of the required content you will be invited to challenge for your grading.
  • Continually being reviewed and refined to produce even greater experiences and results for everyone
  • Delivered in a step by step proven process to bring out your best
  • And.... it's lots of fun!!
Our Team
  • Internationally qualified instructor team
  • All of our up and coming instructors are guided through our comprehensive leadership program
  • Instructors all have current first aid and blue cards
  • Are dedicated to see you succeed and always looking for ways to do things better.  All feedback is welcome
  • Lead by example and encouraged to always prioritise being a student first

Together We Can Do So Much More

What People Say About Us


Debbie Woodhouse

Lets face it, being a parent is a tough job. I was so lucky to find Sunshine Coast Karate, who have been the most amazing and supportive coaches for my children and I for 18 years now.

As 5th Dan instructors and world champions of the Chito-Ryu style of karate, Senseis Martin and Sandra, teach karate with great skill, positive encouragement and in an energetic, motivating and fun environment. They are also subtle and influential partners in developing those positive values and real life skills which are fundamental to successfully navigating that transition from teenager to young adult.

Their learning for life philosophy grounded in personal challenge, team participation, physical and spiritual wellbeing, developed innate values of leadership, courage, respect, loyalty and resilience throughout my children’s primary and high school years.

Most notably these qualities were exhibited during those difficult teenage years. My children shared their knowledge and experience respectfully and patiently with older and younger karate students, even with their very nervous white belt mum when I began my karate. They stood up for what they thought was right and to school bullies, both for themselves and others. They proudly represented their state and country in competition, by having the spirit to participate and experience, not win at all costs. And most importantly built the fortitude and resilience to make their way through life's challenges with a healthy serve of self-esteem and independence.

I continue my karate4life journey, knowing my children respect, value and practice the philosophy and skills developed, as part of their membership of the Sunshine Coast Karate family.

If you are looking for something to help manage the stress, uncertainty and frustrations of the modern world for your children, I can certainly testify and recommend Sunshine Coast Karate will make a positive difference to their, and your, health, wellbeing and future.


Rosemarie Caston

My two eldest children have been doing karate now for around 12 years. They're now 21 and 22 years old and just last year they earned their teaching qualifications. I've gotta admit it's still a little strange to call them "Sensei".

A bit over 5 years ago they inspired me to get started too after watching from the sidelines for so long. And my youngest daughter now 14 years old has been training for a little over 2 and a half years.

The teenage years can be a tricky and confusing time as they go through so many different changes in their lives. My children have really found karate to be their go-to place for gaining perspective and to reflect on a positive path in life. In challenging times, it has kept them focused and goal oriented and kept them on a straight path towards wellness and success. Not only has karate helped with confidence, fitness, meditation, goal setting, it's also helped them focus on what's good for them.

They have also enjoyed participating in tournaments, social events and karate camps. They have bonded and made long life friends.


Jack Graham

I started karate during high school simply as something to do for fun. As the years went on however, I found the training became an integral part of my life and vital to maintaining my health and performance. This was especially true during the last few years as the amount of study and stress related to it increased.

I find that one of the best aspects of using karate to stay healthy is the variety of exercise. Karate training is very thorough in its conditioning, involving strength, endurance and flexibility in all parts of the body. It also has a strong emphasis on cardio, especially for those students interested in competing in tournaments. Every student is expected to achieve certain levels of fitness at each rank and therefore progress is monitored. I find that this type of goal setting always motivates me to improve. When this is combined with the many aspects of karate training, I can be reasonably certain of my physical health long term. I would also attribute my strong physical performance during high school to my Karate training, especially in athletics.

I also found that karate had benefits for my mental state. Apart from the effects of exercise on improving my overall mood I used karate as a kind of sanctuary from the rest of life. While preparing for a class to begin I would do my best to let go of all external thoughts, worries, assignment deadlines etc, that would impact my training. I found in doing this karate became an almost relaxing and refreshing experience, after which I could attack projects and everything else with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

The final point I would like to talk about is competition. Attending tournaments is not an absolute requirement to gain benefit from karate however, there are several benefits to participating in competition. Firstly, there is the ability to deal with being nervous. Many strategies on how to deal with nerves and nervous energy are discussed in class. Everyone discovers through experience what works best for them and this ability is developed constantly as we compete. Furthermore, competition gives a chance to push the limits of what is comfortable and perhaps even face our personal fears, either through sparring by being hit and dealing with aggression or through performance in front of both peers and strangers. I feel that learning how to perform under pressure and better control my emotions are great life skills that have benefited my life.

I believe that my karate journey so far has had a profound positive impact on my life, both physically and mentally. It has fostered a love of exercise and a drive for constant improvement. It has gifted me with a refuge from external influence and a chance to recharge, improving both my mental state and outlook on the world. Finally, it has provided the strategies and mental strength to perform well under pressure. The benefits of karate have had deep lasting effects on my life and can do the same for anyone willing to take the journey. 

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More Benefits

Sharpen Your Mind

Strengthen Your Body

Calm Your Emotions

  • Karate begins and ends with respect. Every time a teenager visits the dojo, they will practice using respect countless times. Habits we practice are habits we gain.
  • Martial arts classes will nurture and develop your body in a balanced way. You will become stronger, fitter and healthier. You will also develop muscle tone, mobility, flexibility, co-ordination, improved posture and breathing.
  • When teenagers train regularly, they will feel better about themselves. They will generally be more happy, harmonious and enjoy a more calm, stable and balanced life. 
  • Martial arts classes are a great way for teenagers to nurture their mind which leads to a heightened focus, clarity, productivity, organisation, time management, problem solving and more.  
  • Earning belts takes commitment, perseverance and much patience. Teenagers will be challenged, they will develop coping strategies and habits of success to help them navigate through challenges.
  • In the dojo, teenagers will learn how to face adversity with clarity and take the victorious road no matter how difficult it may seem at the time.

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