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Dojo Expansion Update

On the Labour Day public holiday Andrew Crocker (professional painter) lead Sensei Martin, Justin and Selina on a bit of a painting adventure.  An amazing job and done real quick. I believe Justin and Andrew also helped get the first pieces of the ceiling installed. Thanks guys and a big thank you to Senpai Matt who came in and helped prepare the upstairs ready for painting.

Mother’s Day was a massive day working on installing the ceiling and more cleaning.  Thanks to Rika Sensei and Richard for coming along and helping out.

This photo was taken late into the evening on Mother’s Day.  Since this photo was taken, the upstairs rooms and stairs have been carpeted and looks amazing.  You may have noticed that the Little Monkey’s Room and mailbox room has also been re-carpeted.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of this project.  There have been many helping hands and support.  Thank you.  We can’t wait to share this space with students real soon.

A Moment of Victory for Our Little Champions

Congratulations to Thomas, Olivia and Noah on earning new levels in our Little Champions Program.  Your hard work is paying off.  A big thank you to Patrick and all of our leadership team members who continue to lead by example and inspire our younger students.

Green Stripe Belt Already… Way to Go Na’ila!

Congratulations to Na’ila on earning her green stripe Little Champions belt.  Na’ila is blitzing our Little Champions Program.  Na’ila trains 3+ times per week and always demonstrates an excellent training attitude.   Well done Na’ila and thanks to our young leaders who lead by example in our Little Champions class to further challenge and inspire our Little Champions (4-7 yrs).

Na’ila is pictured below with one of our young leaders, Patrick.

A Big Afternoon At The Dojo for Noah

Congratulations to Noah, who was not only awarded his yellow stripe belt today, but he also received today’s Subway Sports Award.  Well done Noah and keep up the great work!

Noah is pictured below with one of our young leaders, Cooper.


Congratulations to Timothy who recently graded to brown stripe belt in our Little Champions Program. Love your work Timothy!!

Timothy’s next belt is black stripe which is the highest belt that can be achieved in our Little Champions Program. Timothy is hoping to earn his black stripe belt before his 8th birthday. Can he do it?

Committed to Excellence Presentations at SCK

The month of May has been a busy month celebrating the training commitment of many SCK students. Congratulations to the following members for their continued effort and dedication in the dojo.

1 year training at SCK: Talia, Ryan, Chloe, Tenaya and Marcellus.
3 years training at SCK: Tristan
4 years training at SCK: Jasper
6 years training at SCK: Cooper and Bradman

“Community” Colouring Competition

We have received the first entry of our Term 2 Colouring Competition. Tatayana is only 5 years old. Well done Tatayana and good luck with your entry.

Entries Close: 10:30am Saturday 30th June 2018

Voting is Now Open, Let’s Do This!!

As a part of Telstra’s Connected Community Program, we have just under 4 weeks to get a truck load of votes in order for us to win the major prize of $5,000. This prize money will see the installation of a huge industrial fan in the main training space.

How can you help:
1. Check your email. We have sent an email to all members last night, outlining all the details. Including the Telstra Store locations where you can vote.
2. Check your student mailbox at the dojo for a hard copy. Information will be distributed Tuesday afternoon.

Thank you to all members and families who are already supporting Sunshine Coast Karate in this competition. We are very grateful for your time and effort.