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8 Years Training at Sunshine Coast Karate

Anthony is pictured below celebrating 8 years of training with Sensei Adam ( Chito Ryu Karate Blue Mountains). Anthony started out as a Little Champion at SCK, he graded to black stripe (highest level) in our Little Champions program and has continued on to become one of our senior karate kids at SCK. And, Anthony continues to inspire our younger karate students as a member of our Leadership Program.

Well done Anthony and thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Newcastle Chito-Ryu Karate

Below are some photos that were recently shared via Chito Ryu Karate Newcastle’s Facebook Page .  Both Sensei Martin and I began our training of Chito-Ryu Karate-Do in Newcastle under the instruction of Brian Hayes Sensei. It’s so great to see Sensei Greg Field and Sensei Kevin Urane continuing to share Chito-Ryu Karate in Newcastle. If you are ever in Newcastle or have family/friends in Newcastle, be sure to visit their dojo situated in the beautiful Marmong Point.

Pawel & Julia Travelling Interstate for QLD Titles

Pawel and Julia train with Michael Noonan Sensei (7th Dan, Renshi) at The Karate Institute located in Sydney. It was a wonderful experience to meet both Pawel and Julia and see them both do so well at the QLD Titles. A big thank you to Pawel and Julia for attending the QLD Titles and for giving your time to assist our local team in the running of the event. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

For more photos of Pawel and Julia please jump across to Sunshine Coast Karate Facebook Page.  

Adam McDonald Sensei Visits SCK

A big thank you to Adam Sensei for visiting SCK almost 2 weeks ago now. Adam Sensei did everything from training, teaching, refereeing, setting up/packing up recent tournament and enjoying life as a tourist on the SCK for a few days. We are very grateful for the experience and will continue to practice many of the ideas Adam Sensei shared with us.

Adam McDonald Sensei (3rd Dan, Jun-Shidoin) helps Mark Snow Shihan share Chito-Ryu Karate in the Blue Mountains region Chito Ryu Karate Blue Mountains.

Check out a short video of Adam Sensei’s time in the dojo at our SCK Facebook Page.

Subway Sports Awards

Congratulations to all of our Subway Sports Awards winners.  Our final subway sports award has been presented and we would like to once again thank Kunda Park Subway for their generosity and helping us acknowledge our young athletes.

Kuluin Fete… One More Sleep

The Kuluin P & C have been working hard to create a fete that will knock your socks off. Come along tomorrow to the Kuluin School from 10am to enjoy a fun filled day for the whole family.
Our SCK Demonstration Team will take to the stage at 11:00am showcasing some of SCK’s top students, give local families the opportunity to enjoy a mini karate class and be the first to secure places in our 4 week Introductory Program.
– CAN YOU HELP? SCK has volunteered to help with cleaning up after the fete (approx 3:30pm) and set up for the QLD Titles. If you can help our for a couple of hours, please send us a quick message.

Friendship Event at QLD Titles

Not long now until the QLD Titles and our friendship teams are enjoying a little time in each class to prepare.
We look forward to seeing you all in action soon. Keep up the great work everyone!
For our SCK friends, you can come along and enjoy the QLD Titles this Sunday 12th August at the Kuluin State School hall.  For more event information click here. .

Archer Winning Big at SCK

Archer earned himself his yellow stripe Little Champion belt and a family celebration of his achievement. Smiles all round. :>) Congratulations Archer and thanks for the opportunity to work with you at SCK.

Let’s keep growing together!

More Tips & Belts for Our Little Champions

Na’ila is powering along to blue white stripe, Mahira is edging her way closer to her green stripe and Fynn has earned his very first tip as an SCK Little Champion. Congratulations to Na’ila, Mahira and Fynn. Let’s keep growing together.