Membership Terms & Conditions

Basic Membership, Paid Fortnightly

MEMBERSHIP INCLUSIONS - Basic (2) Membership

  • 2 basic classes per week at the dojo (does not include extension or squad classes)
  • Access to online learning resources


  1. Sunshine Coast Karate agrees to provide competent instruction in martial arts and suitable facilities for training, for a minimum of 11 months tuition during each calendar year. If it is not possible to run in-person classes, live online classes will be provided instead.
  2. If you miss one of your booked classes, a makeup class will be added to your profile.
  3. Make up classes only remain valid whilst you maintain an active membership.  They cannot be used in place of a membership.
  4. You will have 6 weeks to use this make-up class. If you miss a make-up class that you have booked, you will lose the class unless you cancel your booking. You can cancel any of your bookings any time up until the start time of the class.
  5. Memberships may be placed on hold at any time for a minimum period of 1 week.
  6. Written notice of at least 7 days is required for membership holds.
  7. Fornightly membership fees are always charged in full. In the case where a membership hold period is for an odd number of weeks, the payment scheudle will be adjusted by a week after after the hold period.
  8. The student(s) covered under this agreement must be a member of the International Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation & ICKFA (Sunshine Coast Branch) Inc. Sunshine Coast Karate will pay these association membership fees for me on my behalf.
  9. When 2 family members from the same household are members, you receive 10% discount off everyone’s tuition. When 3 or more family members from the same household are members, you receive 15% discount off everyone’s tuition. Family discounts are only offered if all memberships are paid from the same bank account or credit card.
  10. Memberships are not transferrable.
  11. The selected membership is to be paid on a fortnightly basis, I acknowledge that I will pay my fees fortnightly by direct debit with no minimum term.
  12. A one time setup fee of $5.50 is charged by our payment processor for all new automatic payment schedules. This will be added to your first payment.
  13. I acknowledge that unless I provide 14 days written notice of termination of this agreement, fees may continue to be deducted from my nominated account or credit card.
  14. Payments shall be processed whether or not the facilities or classes at Sunshine Coast Karate are utilised.
  15. Sunshine Coast Karate is entitled to change fortnightly fees at any time after providing at least 30 days written notice of any such changes.
  16. The owners of Sunshine Coast Karate may terminate this agreement without notice, if no classes have been attended for a period of 90 days or more.

Last Updated:  17 Jun 2024.