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New Training Schedule

A new training schedule will commence from Monday, 18 September 2023.

View the NEW training schedule.

The following classes have changed:

  • Mon – Thu after 5:30pm
  • Online classes

The following classes have NOT changed:

  • Mon – Thur 6:00am – 5:30pm
  • Friday tournament squad classes
  • Saturday classes

Frequently Asked Questions

We have copiled a list of frequently asked questions (and answers). If you have any questions about the new training schedule that aren't answered below, please don't hesitate to ask dojo staff or instructors.

What is the new "Self Training" class?

First off, it's not a class.  There will be no teacher there to guide you, but teachers will be available to answer questions if required.

All students who are serious about progressing are encouraged to do their own self training in addition to regular classes. We want to encourage you to take control of your own learning and this is an opportunity for you to spend the time on the things YOU need to practice. Stretch, do your conditioning, practice your kata, train with a partner. Anything you want to practice is OK.

If you feel you need a bit more help, this is a great time to book in a private lesson with instructors too.

Who can do the kobujutsu (weapons) class?

The kubojutsu class is open to all black belts, plus kyu grade students who are at least blue belt (7th kyu).

Students who want to learn kobujutsu must also have an All Access Unlimited membership (or the old Black Belt Club membership).

Only students who attend the kobujutsu class will be invited to kobujutsu gradings.

Who can attend Brown & Black Belt classes?

Any students who are at least brown belt (3rd kyu) or higher may attend this class.  There are no age restriction on this class, kids who are at least 3rd kyu are welcome to attend.  No special membership is required.  

Who can attend the family classes?

The goal of the family class is to give family groups another opportunity to trian togehter.  The family class is not just for family groups, it is open to students of all ages. But please note, becuase it is a mixed age class, it can be a little more difficult to teach, so we ask that Little champions (4-7 yrs) only particpate in this class with a parent.

Of course, all parents who are also members, may join their own children in any of the Little Champions classes or Kids classes too.

Who can attend the online classes?

The online classes are open to all membership who have any of the following memberships:

  • Basic membership (2 classes per week in the dojo, plus online classes)
  • Unlimited All Access membership (or the old Black Belt Club membership)
  • All black belts are welcome to participate

Little champions (4-7 yrs) may only particpate with a parent.

The online classes are run in conjunction with the adult classes in the dojo.  All that's required is a stable internet connetion and some space at home (a big screen also helps).

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