Grading schedule – Sat, 3rd Dec 2016

Good luck to all students challenging for gradings at our final kyu grading of the year this weekend (Sat, 3rd Dec).

Here’s the schedule. Please note, times below are based on your current level.

08:00am – Warm up
08:15am – L/C, White & Yellow (white – 12kyu)
09:00am – Orange belt (11-10 kyu)
09:30am – Green-Blue belt (9-6 kyu)
10:00am – Purple-Brown belt (5-1 kyu)
10:45 AM – Estimated finish

A full listing of attendees will be posted on the dojo noticeboard.



Club Shop Specials – Buy Now In Time For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching… but what to buy your favourite karate-ka?

  • New gi?
  • Weapons?
  • Training equipment?

It’s Christmas sale time for members and everything in the club shop is on sale from now until Friday 2nd December. And if you want to buys something that’s not in stock…. all you need to do is ask and we’ll come up with a special price, just for you.


SCK Leadership Team

A very productive leadership training session with some great leaders.  Thank you to all leaders in attendance.

Below is a quick snap shot of one of our leadership activities.

The Obstacle Course Challenge
1.  PREPARATION: Leaders worked in teams to create obstacle courses designed for set age groups with a variety of learning goals. Consideration to quick set up and pack up, student safety and how to best utilise leadership team members throughout the course.

2.  PRESENTING: Leaders also had the opportunity to present their course whilst being mindful of getting a good mix of both “explanation” and “demonstration”. The biggest challenge though was to deliver their message in an exciting way to get their students eager to have a go.

3. PLAYING: Once leaders had their students up and running it was time to oversee the smooth flow of their course, support each other and connect with their students.

November Leadership Gradings
Congratulations to the following leaders who achieved new levels this week. Matai Doughty, Matt Stevenson, Chloe Crocker, Bailey Keefe and Charlie Robinson.

We managed to capture a couple of photos at Leadership Training.  You can check them out at our Sunshine Coast Karate Facebook Page.

Special Guest Instructors – Soke Sensei & Higuchi Sensei

Thanks to the financial support of our local association, we are very happy to host both Soke Sensei & Higuchi Sensei as special guest instructors later this month at Sunshine Coast Karate for a period of 4 days, Saturday 19th – Tuesday 22nd November 2016.

For members, this means you have the opportunity to train with two modern day karate masters in your home dojo at no additional cost to you, just because you’re a member.

soke-sensei higuchi-sensei


Soke Sensei has visited our Sunshine Coast dojo many times over as part of his ongoing commitment to promote the growth and development of his family style, Chito-Ryu Karate-Do throughout the world. This year, Soke Sensei will be joined by Higuchi Sensei a specialist in weapons, so it’s definitely an opportunity not to be missed. Throughout this period, we encourage you to get to as many classes as possible, appropriate to your level.

QLD Training Schedule – Soke Sensei & Higuchi Sensei

Wed 16 Nov – Gold Coast, Ashmore Dojo
4:00-4:40pm Little Champions
4:50-5:45pm Juniors
6:00-8:00pm Seniors & Intermediate Juniors

The 17 Nov – Gold Coast, Ashmore Dojo
4:00-4:50pm Little Champions & Juniors
5:00-5:50pm Family Class
6:00-8:00pm Seniors & Intermediate Juniors

Fri 18 Nov – Gold Coast, Ashmore Dojo
5:00-7:30pm Brown & Black Belt

Sat 19 Nov – Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore Dojo
6:00-8:00am Regular kobudo classes. Regular attendees only.

10:50am finish time for Little Champions & Beginner Kids (white-orange belts)
11:50am finish all students up to Blue Belt.  5th kyu and above continue.
12:50pm finish for all students up to 2nd kyu.  1st kyu and above continue.
2.00pm finish.

Welcome Dinner – (Brown & Black Belts).  More information to follow.

Sun 20 Nov – Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore Dojo
6:00-7:30am Beach Training – all ages and levels (Maroochydore beach, near surf club)

10:50am finish time for Little Champions & Beginner Kids (White-Orange Belts)
11:50am finish all students up to Blue Belt.  5th kyu and above continue.
12:50pm finish for all students up to 2nd kyu.  1st kyu and above continue.
2:00pm finish.

Mon 21 Nov – Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore Dojo
6:00-7:30am Beach Training – all ages and levels (Maroochydore beach, near surf club)

3:45-4:25pm Little Champions
4:30-5:30pm Karate Kids all levels
5:30-6:10pm Karate Kids intermediate extension class (green belt and above)
6:15-8:00pm Teens & Adults

Tue 22 Nov – Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore Dojo
6:00-7:00am Morning Training

9:30-10:30am Day Class

3:45-4:25pm Little Champions
4:30-5:30pm Karate Kids all levels
5:30-6:10pm Karate Kids intermediate extension class (green belt and above)
6:15-8:00pm Teens & Adults

Wed 23 Nov
Soke Sensei & Higuchi Sensei travel to NSW

If you require any additional information about training schedule for Soke Sensei & Higuchi Sensei’s visit, please contact the respective dojos.

Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore Dojo 
2/14 Depot St, Maroochydore
Ph: 0435 255 323

Gold Coast, Ashmore Dojo
5/14 Harper St, Ashmore
Ph: 1300 557 578
Mb: 0417 448 950

In Your Corner – FREE E-Dojo Course

A couple of months ago now, we had the pleasure of hosting Mitchell German Sensei in our dojo a special guest instructor from Canada.  Throughout the course of the week that he was here all of our members were blown away by his depth of knowledge, especially in the area of kumite. It’s always great having guest instructors, especially when they’re so knowledgable, so we wanted to do a little more to preserve and share some of that knowledge.


For those who had the pleasure of training with German Sensei it was clear to see why he was 2013 Soke Cup champion in both kata and kumite.  But it doesn’t stop there, he’s also an exceptional coach have coached provincial and national WKF teams in Canada for a number of years.

Anyway, let’s get to the point, using resources that have been pulled together over a number of years, based on German Sensei’s coaching sessions.  We are pleased to announce the first of our FREE Karate 4 Life E-Dojo course In Your Corner.


So if you’re interested in sports karate, especially kumite, here’s a great chance to learn from one of the best.  Register now and tell us what you think about the course.

karate4life edojo

Committed to Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Danny who has now completed his first year at Sunshine Coast Karate. And congratulations to Tom who has been a part of Sunshine Coast Karate for 15 years. Well Done Danny & Tom! We are very grateful to have the opportunity to work with you and your families.


November 2016 – Newsletter

The latest newsletter (November 2016 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – November 2016 Newsletter (PDF 4.3MB).

This month’s newsletter features:

  1. New Black Belt: Congratulations Sam Hunt
  2. October Kyu Grading Results
  3. Little Champions Celebrate Their Success
  4. Committed to Excellence Awards
  5. Latest E-Dojo Updates: In Your Corner – FREE Kumite Course
  6. Upcoming Events
  7. Student Attendance – Top Training Students in September
    • Top Training Little Champion Lachlan Edwards – (11 lessons)
    • Top Training Karate Kids – Savannah Perdikis (32 lessons)
    • Top Training Teen/Adult Sam Hunt- (14 lessons)
  8. Welcome New Students
  9. November Birthdays
  10. Jokes

Download the newsletter now: November 2016 Newsletter (PDF 4.3MB).

Committed To Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Keanu Caston and Sam Hunt who recently received special awards acknowledging their years training at Sunshine Coast Karate. Keanu has been training for 10 years now and Sam for 3 years. We are all very fortunate to have you both training at Sunshine Coast Karate. Well done Keanu and Sam!


New Black Belt – Congratulations Sam Hunt

Over the weekend, it was a busy time for our seniors, with our first ever QLD brown & black belt training intensive.  It was great to fill the dojo with most of the seniors from Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast dojos.  After the first 2 hour session on Saturday morning we had some time scheduled for a black belt grading.  There was just one person stepping up to grade:  Sam Hunt.  Plus there were a number of others seniors stepping up to do practice gradings.

And we are pleased to announce that Sam Hunt has successfully passed his black belt grading.


For nearly everyone who steps inside a karate dojo, black belt marks a major milestone in ones journey.  Many people aspire to become black belts, but in reality not many people actually make it there.  It’s usually only about 1 in 100 people that have what it takes to become a black belt.  It’s not because it’s an impossible journey, but because it takes a special kind of person to do what it takes:  hours of practice, perseverance, facing emotional challenges.  While achieving the rank of black belt is a great thing, the thing that one most remembers is not usually the achievement itself, but the journey to get there.

The journey to black belt requires people to break down everything that they are and reinvent themselves. Quite literally, it is a journey of blood, sweat and tears.  In pushing the physical boundaries and developing your technique you are forced to take a good hard look at yourself and in many cases make some big changes.  I think this is why so many people never make it to black belt, because it really can be very confronting to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

Even though the journey can be tough it’s worth it.  Everyone that I’ve ever met who’s graded to black belt has had a different journey to get there.  Everyone has faced challenges of some kind, and everyone has had to grow and change in some way.  In this regard, Sam is no different.

Sam’s karate journey began just over 3 years ago.  Prior to that he’d never stepped into a dojo, although he did come in with a good level of fitness, co-ordination and body control, which often takes some time for many people to develop.

Even with such a good starting point, it was clear from his first very early on that Sam was doing some important things that have helped accelerate so quickly towards black belt.  Just to set the record straight, in Chito-Ryu, 3 years to black belt is very quick.  In fact the average time for those that have graded to black belt in our dojo has been around 7-8 years.  With this in mind, we’d like to share some of the things that have helped Sam move forwards so quickly.

  1. Consistency – Right from day 1, Sam has always trained consistently.  I don’t think he’s missed a full week of training, other than when the dojo has been closed over Christmas.  There are some people that train more than some, but Sam turns up to consistently make the most of every class that he does.
  2. Enthusiasm – I remember when Sam was just a white belt, we ran a special workshop for beginners, breaking down the basics for the first few levels.  He was there.  And he continues to be at whatever we’ve got going:  workshops, tournaments, seminars, training camps, even social events.  Sam has thrown himself into just about everything that we’ve had going at the dojo for the last 3 years.  Of course not everyone’s lifestyle allows them to do that, but there is something to be said for going all in.
  3. Always open to learn – This is perhaps the biggest thing that Sam has done well that sets him apart from most other people.  Sam has been able to come into the dojo with an empty cup and has trusted us every step of the way to guide him.  If we tell him to go and work on something, he does.  This kind of trust is actually quite rare to find in students in a western dojo.  Most people want to question why, they try to adapt things they’ve been told to do before even giving it a go, or they just ignore the advice, but not Sam.  And to his credit, this one thing has propelled him forward more than anything else.

To put it in simple terms, Sam has a great training attitude.  Just a few weeks after Sam was invited to step up for his shodan grading, he entered a tournament and broke one of his fingers.  Then, the following week we had a visit from guest instructor from Canada, Mitchell German Sensei.  Even though the focus for most of the week was kumite, Sam didn’t miss a lesson.  There was quite a bit of one-handed kumite, but he didn’t miss.

In the final weeks leading up to his grading Sam continued to train, without missing.  His finger was slowly healing, but even in the final week of training he still couldn’t make a full fist. Not the ideal preparation, but it was a clear sign of his determination showing through.

For those who’ve had the opportunity to train along side of Sam, I’m sure that everyone would agree his promotion to shodan is well deserved.  So with this in mind, I’d like to say once again… Congratulations Sam.

Here are just a few photos of Sam from throughout the weekend during his grading and the senior training intensive.  A big thank you to Adam Sensei for capturing these photos.

Kyu Grading Results – October 2016

Congratulations to all students who successfully passed gradings last Saturday, 15th October 2016.  As always, it’s great to see the results of consistent, hard work in the dojo and students moving up the levels.

A special mention to Matteo Cutuli who double graded to 9th Kyu – green belt (white stripe).


12th Kyu – Yellow Belt
Eddie Ennis-Bell, Torsten Sprey, Che Staal

11th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe)
Jessica Hobbs, Jason Madge, Irena Sprey, Lukas Woolgrove

10th Kyu – Orange Belt
Josh Bell, Zac Evett, Flynn Jordan, Bradman Miller-Smith, Cooper Miller-Smith, Zak Wright

9th Kyu – Green Belt (White Stripe)
Matteo Cutuli, Halea Eggmolesse, Dylan Woods

8th Kyu – Green Belt
Cooper Darling, Jake Fisher

6th Kyu – Blue Belt
Andrew Crocker

5th Kyu – Purple Belt (White Stripe)
Jake Herden, Paul Murray, Sonya Wright

4th Kyu – Purple Belt
Justin Otto, Savannah Perdikis

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt (White Stripe)
Kamryn Stray

Well done everyone.

If you didn’t grade this time around, there’s just one more opportunity with the finaly kyu grading of the year scheduled for Saturday, 3rd December.  If you’re got your eye set on getting to the final grading, be sure to continue working hard in class and don’t miss progress check weeks:  all this week 17-21 October & the week of 14-18 November.  Registrations for the final grading of the year are due in: Friday, 25th November.

Photos to follow and new belts and grading certificates are presented in class this week.