Kyu Grading Schedule for this Saturday 27th August

Group 1 – 9:00am – White belts, little champions & yellow belts
Group 2 – 9:45am – Orange belts
Group 3 – 10:15am – Green belt and above

Please note, the above groups are based on your current level. Also, those in group 3, please remember to bring your kumite protective equipment.

Good luck to everyone challenging for gradings on the weekend.

In-House Tournament Team Challenge Results

Congratulations to all students who participated in the in-house tournament team challenge.  It was great to see a high standard of competition.  This is sure to put many competitors in good stead for the upcoming QLD Chito-Ryu State Titles.

Well done to captain of the winning team Llama Train – Bailey Keefe & David Strazzari.  Great job selecting your team and great results.

Full results below, plus a few photos.  More photos available on the SCK facebook page.resultslachlan+flynn-kumite-tag emmett+miguel-kumite william-baarslag-kata che-staal-kata



Sensei Martin’s Karate Birthday Party – 40 Years Young!!!

THIS SATURDAY: Sensei Martin’s Karate Birthday Party

To help celebrate, you’re invited to come and join Sensei Martin for a special birthday training session and cake.

Saturday 20th August
9:00 – 10:30am @ Maroochydore Dojo
All students and families welcome

If you can join us, please add your name to the sign up sheet on the dojo noticeboard so that we can make sure that we have plenty of birthday cake to share. See you there!

Martin birthday

Week 3: Training at the Sohonbu. Kumamoto, JAPAN

Time has gone super fast this week with 9 classes, some great fun social outings and plenty of practice and study.

Classes have been a perfect balance for me.  There has been opportunities to take it a little bit easier so I can concentrate on key learning areas.  There has been opportunities to push myself with speed training and there have been opportunities to try new things and challenge me in other ways.

I’ve especially enjoyed just “being a student”.  As much as I love teaching, there is something very special about the journey of being a student.  It’s been great to revisit what it is to be a student (for myself) and “practice” being a great student.  On the other hand, at least for myself I feel my cycle of learning is incomplete without the inclusion of “sharing” and imparting knowledge to others.

I’m really excited to soon be able to share as much as I can when I return to the Sunshine Coast, as I know it will get me thinking deeper and open the way for those little gems that will make a big difference in my life (both in and out of the dojo).

Below are a few photos taken throughout the week.  You can see more on my Facebook Page.
20160802_183732Tuesday:  Demonstration & Dinner Evening

20160803_131237Wednesday:  Shimabara Castle

20160805_202036Friday:  With Miyazaki Sensei, Miyazaki Sensei’s wife and her friend at the Kumamoto Festival

20160806_125635Saturday Morning:  Catching up with Marc Sensei, Reina & Kenshi


20160806_202114Saturday Evening:  Kikuchi Festival with Minowa Sensei and her family

Week 2: Training at the Sohonbu. Kumamoto, JAPAN

Another very full week of training and activities here in Kumamoto.  The weather has been warm, humid and at times taken my breathe away during training.   Yet, I’m loving every bit of it.  It’s perfect for me.  I’m especially appreciating the upstairs accommodation at the dojo.  It’s quick to get to classes,  I can drop into the dojo for a quick practice any time and I can get to bed quickly after training. Did I mention that the rooms have air con.  So good to help with cooling down after training.

Eleven classes this week and they were all full of great learning, repetition and their own challenges. The first class of the week I’d rather forget but I’m reminded every time I look in the mirror at the moment and my head is still a little sore.  My enthusiasm and love of learning got the better of me and I hit myself in the head with the bo.

Most of my training this week has been with Soke Sensei and Higuchi Sensei.  My technique has been under the microscope for two weeks now but I’m taking in as much as I can.  Their eye for detail, teaching methods and mastery of technique is well beyond me.  I feel as though the best thing I can do is to work on myself (nutrition, sleep, hydration, mental/emotional state etc) so that when I get to class I’m fuelled well and ready to learn.  Once I’m in class I just do the best I can and aim to flow with the guidance that I receive.


Thursday evening training was at Sakaguchi Sensei’s Dojo.  Sakaguchi Sensei, his son and student were all very welcoming.  Sakaguchi Sensei and his son also offered guidance for technique improvement which was perfect timing and resembled the guidance offered to me by Soke Sensei.

Friday morning was an opportunity to contribute and give back whilst staying at the dojo.  I spent about 6 hours weeding the outdoor area.  I finished just in time to have a quick shower and get to Higuchi Sensei’s training at 1:00pm.  This was followed by some Henshu Ho with Naoyuki Sensei and catching up with Sachiko and Takeshi from Taneda Sensei’s Dojo in Canada.


Soon after we were back in the dojo for another great evening session with Soke Sensei.  It was hot.  Really hot.  Thankfully Soke Sensei gave us a couple of opportunities for a water break.  Although I didn’t watch Takeshi training so much as I was working hard on my own training, I could feel his commitment and enthusiasm towards his training.  It was nice to have him be a part of the session.

Admittedly after Thursday night and a full day of weeding and training on Friday I was exhausted on Friday evening after training.  I felt broken, yet there is something amazing about pushing yourself to exceed what you think is your limit.  And then there is another session awaiting at 6:30am the next morning.  Saturday morning training seemed a little more special for me as I had to really dig deep for this session.  I was relieved and filled with gratitude when I saw Todd Sensei and Takeshi helping with Souji.

Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to watch Marc Sensei teach.  I didn’t have much in the tank at this stage so I found myself stretching for the duration of the class and hanging out with Kenshi.  A day of stretching, relaxing and re-energising was my focus.
There were a few other things going outside of training which was a lot of fun.

Tuesday:  Minowa Sensei’s stretching class.  This week it was ‘Karate’. Yes!!  More Karate for me. I’m sure I was smiling from ear to ear. 13612203_280886728943158_8753411519938338752_n
Wednesday:  I took Martin on a date to Suizenji Gardens.
Thursday:  Exploring Kumamoto with Rose.  13882446_1175887942431996_6216271744540958560_n
Friday:  Learning about the belt promotion of Lachlan Edwards.  Grading to black stripe in our Little Champions.  I’ve watched this young man train for some time now and it is great to hear of his achievement.  Way to go Lachlan!!!13680412_10153896289214091_961305892815560288_o
Sunday:  Getting to enjoy Steven’s birthday from a distance.  9 years old!!!  I am missing Martin, Sami and Steven loads yet having technology to stay connected has been really cool.
The other thing that has been exciting to watch is the transformation of the Sohonbu after the earthquakes.  All of the externals of the building appear to be completed now.  All of the scaffolding has been taken down.  Friday morning I noticed that O’Sensei’s photo had been returned to the dojo.  I hope to share some pictures of the dojo soon.  It’s looking great!


Special Guest Instructor – Mitchell German Sensei

We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting a special guest instructor for a week, 10-16 September, Mitchell German Sensei from Halifax, Canada.  After this year’s Soke Cup was cancelled due to the devastating earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan in April, our local association decided to fund a guest instructor from North America and bring a small part of the international Chito-Ryu community to the Sunshine Coast to for all members to enjoy.


German Sensei is one of the most senior ranked practitioners of the International Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation outside of Japan and has had a very successful tournament career for many years, both as a competitor and a coach for many years, both in Chito-Ryu and in the WKF.

Here’s a short biography of German Sensei’s achievements in the dojo.

  • Practicing Chito Ryu karate for over 35 years
  • Chief Instructor Halifax Ryuseikan since 2005
  • 6th degree black belt and the rank of Renshi
  • Former WKF Canadian National Kumite Champion (-80 kg) and Canadian National Team member (1998-2001)
  • 6 time Chito-ryu Soke cup world champion: 3 time Kumite (1995, 2010, 2013), 1 time team kumite (2013), 1 time Henshuho competition (1995), 1 time kata (2013)
  • Current Soke Cup Champion
  • Kakedemeshi (Chito-ryu) kumite champion (2008)
  • Nova Scotia Karate Team (WKF) head coach 2001 – present
  • Canada National Team Coach (WKF) 2002-2008
  • 3 time Karate Canada Coach of the Year

As you can see, he’s lead quite an impressive karate career so far, so I’m sure that there will be lots to learn, so be sure to block away those dates, 10-16 September.  He will be at all regular classes throughout the week, plus we’ll be running a special weekend seminar, open to all members, Saturday 10th September (more details to follow soon).


2013 Men’s Soke Cup Champion, Hong Kong



Week 1: Training at the Sohonbu. Kumamoto, JAPAN

Finally, I find myself sitting down to connect with family, friends and students. Apologise to everyone for not connecting sooner. I hope everyone has been well.

Week one has flown by, yet each day has been full and overflowing of inspiration, great company and study. I wouldn’t say that I have been crazy busy and leading a hectic lifestyle, but I’ve certainly been embracing the simple things in life more than usual.

The beginning of this trip was shaded by some technology issues, yet by Wednesday evening my wi-fi arrived and we were good to go. I was told that my pocket wi-fi would arrive between 6:00-8:00pm at the Sohonbu, so I sat downstairs in the tatami room and you’d never guess what time it arrived. 7:55pm!!! Five minutes before class. Catching up with Martin, Sami and Steven would have to wait a couple more hours.

This week consisted of eight training sessions. My first training session of the week would have been a good laugh for anyone who was watching. I still laugh at myself now just thinking about it. Morning training with Soke Sensei. What else needs to be said. It was a great session but I think that it may have been useful to ‘breathe’. The two left feet syndrome was definitely a game changer for me. Todd Sensei ripped through his kihons in his usual relaxed style. But, I loved it!!! It’s so great to be back at the Sohonbu and training with Soke Sensei.

Kobudo with Higuchi Sensei was probably just as entertaining for anyone watching on the sidelines. Some refinements to Sakugawa no kon and then the introduction to some other bo basics. Fortunately, Sensei Martin and Sensei Adam had tried to share some of these with me after their trips to the Sohonbu last year. With just a few bruises later, I think I’m starting to get an idea of what not to do.

Training has been a real blast so far. I love being a student and learning new things and refining my basics both in the dojo and in life. Soke Sensei plants some great seeds of thought of simple ideas which make perfect sense but often take years to evolve and mature within us. I am no different. With peace, perseverance and continual practice I believe that I will progress in the perfect time and in the perfect way for me.

In the mean time, it is up to me to choose what I do with the information that I receive. Do I leave it on the shelf in my training journal or do I give it energy through thought, words and actions over a consistent period of time? This is a decision that we all need to make in all areas of our lives especially with things that are important to us no matter how busy we may think we are in our lives.

This brings me to the extraordinary ladies in Minowa Sensei’s stretching class (my understanding is that it is a class for Over 50’s). Every Tuesday they come together and do various activities together. Last time I visited Japan I attended this class and I would have never considered that I would be dancing, doing team building activities, playing scissors, paper, rock and stretching. What kind of stretching class was this?

This week I was fortunate to return to Minowa Sensei’s stretching class and we played Volleyball. Too much fun!!! It was unbelievable the way they moved their bodies. We all had our knee pads on and some of the ladies were going in for slides on their knees to pop the ball up and keep the ball in play. The ongoing consistent time and effort these ladies put into their overall health is inspirational. Much like in the dojo, the stretching class captures many elements which elevate you to greater heights mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially.

Other experiences outside of the dojo that have had a huge impact on me is driving about Kumamoto with Soke Sensei and witnessing the remains of the April earthquakes. Before coming to Japan I had seen pictures on the internet but being here in person has given me greater awareness and appreciation of the effects of the earthquakes. I feel deeply for all who have been effected by these earthquakes.


And just last night I had the opportunity to go along to a festival with Minowa Sensei and Tomiko-san. Spectacular. I’m sure I stood out a little too much as a foreigner all dressed up in a yukata but thankfully we got to sit for a good while enjoying the many performances. A couple of days ago Minowa Sensei brought some traditional footwear to the dojo for me to practice walking in before the festival. Let’s just say I’m glad I had the practice. Things could have went very wrong. I’m also grateful for Marc Sensei’s special coaching as to ‘how to walk’. This was also very valuable. Maybe next time Marc Sensei will have to teach me how to run in this footwear because for some reason I couldn’t keep up with Minowa Sensei or Tomiko-san.


Today was my rest day so I decided to take one of the bikes for a spin to Kumamoto Castle. There was something nice about sitting back at the park watching the sprint team do laps whilst I caught up with Martin, Sami and Steven. I know you aren’t meant to use mobile phones when driving a car but I’m not sure about a mobile phone on your handle bars whilst riding. It was interesting and Martin and the kids got to see a little more of the Kumamoto sky whilst I tried to find a quiet place to chat with them.



July 2016 – Newsletter

The latest newsletter (July 2016 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online –  July 2016 Newsletter (PDF 3.0MB).

This month’s newsletter features:

  1. June Grading Results
  2. Gold Coast Cup Results
  3. August In-House Tournament
  4. Shake Off Your Problems
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Student Attendance – Top Training Students in June
    • Top Training Little Champion – Lachlan Edwards(13 lessons)
    • Top Training Karate Kids – Savannah Perdikis (26 lessons)
    • Top Training Teen/Adult – Justin Otto (23 lessons)
  7. Welcome New Students
  8. July Birthdays

Download the newsletter now: July 2016 Newsletter (PDF 3.0MB).