Grading schedule – Sat 25th February

The grading schedule is now set for this weekend’s grading (Sat, 25th February 2017).  With regular Saturday morning classes this year, gradings have moved to the afternoons.  If you are grading, please check the time for your group and aim to be at the dojo approximately 10-15 minutes prior to allow time for a warm up.

Group 1: 1:30pm
Little Champions & White-Yellow belt (white – 12 kyu)

Group 2: 2:15pm
Orange belt (11-10 kyu)

Group 3: 2:45pm
Green-Blue belt (9-6 kyu)

Group 4: 3:30pm
Purple-Brown belt (5-1 kyu)

Students who are green belt and above should bring their kumite protective equipment equipment:  Gloves, mouthguard, shin/instep, groin guard.

Good luck to everyone who is stepping up for gradings.

A full list of members who are grading will be posted on the dojo noticeboard.

In-House Tournament Schedule & Squad Training (Fri 24th Feb & Fri 3rd Mar)

Due to the number of entries received for the in-house touranment, we have decided to run it over the next 2 weeks (Fri 24th Feb & Fri 3rd Mar).  Please note, there will be no regular squad training on these nights, with the exception of kumite for the senior squad on the second week.

For this in-house tournament, we will be working off the new Chito-Ryu tournament rules which will be used at this years Soke Cup.  For the most part the rules are almost the same as we have used in the past, but there are a few minor changes.  All referees must read and be familiar with the rules.  It is also recommended that competitors are also familiar with the rules.  You can download a copy of the ICKF Chito-Ryu tournament rules here:

In addition, we have adopted a few adjustments to the rules for this in-house tournament:

  • Ring size will be 6m x 6m
  • Juniors U/14 yrs, no head gear to be worn (expecpt those competing in the Soke Cup this year).  Non-contact, head attacks are allowed.
  • Kumite events will be double-elimination draws.  Meaning, all competitors will get at least 2 matches.

Please see schedule of events below.  Please note:  times should be considered as an estimate only, but it is our goal to be finished by 8pm.  We will post all event draws in the dojo this afternoon.  If you’re competing, please check them and if you have been left out or entered into the wrong division by mistake, please let us know as soon as possible.


In-House Tournament – Friday 24th February

Tournaments are a great way to put yourself to the test and grow your skills.  This year our local association will be hosting 2 major tournaments open to Chito-Ryu students from throughout QLD and NSW:  2nd April & 11th June.  In the lead up to these events we will be running a few smaller in-house events open just to our members.  On these days it is our intention to give students who have never competed before an opportunity to get a feel for what tournaments are all about in the familiar setting of the dojo.

Our first in-house tournament is coming up very soon:  Friday, 24th February.  If there are a large number of entries, it may even continue on to the following Friday, 3rd March.  Once all of the entries are in, we’ll notify all participants when they will be competing.

Who can compete?
The in-house tournaments are open to all members, of any rank or age.  Even if you’ve only been training for a few months, you can participate.  Divisions will be broken up by age, rank & gender, so you will only be competing against other members of a similar ability.

What do you do in tournaments?
In the in-house tournaments there are 3 different types of events.  Kata, kumite tag & kumite.

Kata – Individual performance
Everyone can enter this event.  For beginners and Little Champions, you can even do it with a leader if you’re not so confident to do it on your own just yet.  There will be various divisions based on age and rank.

Kumite Tag – Non-contact sparring game
This is a special sparring game that we invented.  To score points you need to remove a tag from your opponent’s vest, a little bit like OzTag.  This event is only open to little champions & beginner kids up to the age of 13 years.  This is an introductory event, to help encourage students to develop basic kumite (sparring) skills without the fear of potentially getting hit.  Even though this is a non-contact event, all competitors must have a mouth guard, in case of accidental contact.

Kumite – Sparring
In Chito-Ryu, we practice kumite (sparring) with protective equipment:  body gear, head gear (for seniors O/14 yrs), gloves, shin/instep.  Controlled contact is allowed, because we want competitors to have a sense of realism with their sparring, rather than just a game of tag.  We encourage only students who have practiced kumite in class to compete, because a bit of skill is involved.  If you want to do kumite in the in-house tournament, you will need to have your own personal protective equipment:  gloves, shin/instep protectors, mouth guard, groin guard (male).  Body gear and head gear will be supplied if you do not have your own.

Entry Forms
Get your entry form from the dojo or you can download your In-house tournament entry form (Feb 2017).

Entries close:  Friday, 17th February.

Throughout the next few weeks in class, we’ll be continuing to do more practice in preparation for this in-house tournament in nearly all classes.  If you’ve got any questions, please be sure to speak to instructors.

February 2017 Newsletter

The latest newsletter (February 2017 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – February 2017 Newsletter (PDF 3.9MB).

Latest News:
Class allocations, In-House Tournament, New Progress Cards, Space for Rent, Upcoming Events

SCK Students:
Priceless Moments, Connor’s Success, 2 Week Training Intensive, Attendance Recognition, New Students, Student Birthday’s

Challenge Yourself:
Back 2 Basics Workshop, In-House Tournament, Dojo Records

Achieve More:
Article: “6 Strategies to help you develop the habit of turning up”

Community & Fun:
Beach Training, Colouring Competition

Download the newsletter now: February 2017 Newsletter (PDF 3.9MB).

2017 SCK Leadership Team

I had a great time working with our 2017 SCK Leadership Team over the weekend. 2017 is certainly shaping up to be a big year for all of you as both students and leaders at Sunshine Coast Karate. Keep up the great work everyone and thanks for your time and effort in the dojo!

Celebrating 3 Years of Training at SCK

Committed to Excellence Awards
Congratulations to both Lily and Jackson who received their bronze medallions this week recognising 3 years of training at SCK. Well done Lily and Jackson!


And The Winner Is…..

Congratulations Timothy on winning our Sunshine Coast Karate January Colouring Competition. We hope you enjoy spending your $30 Toys R Us gift card that you won.

Entries are now open for our February colouring competition. Pick up an entry from the dojo. And don’t forget, members if you refer an entry to one of your friends and they win, we’ll double the prize so you win too.

2017 Tournament Squad Training

Just a reminder that there is no tournament squad training this week, tournament squad training start next Friday evening, 2nd February.

If you’ve been invited to join the tournament squad class, you should have already received an invitation in your dojo mailbox.  Please be sure to RSVP as soon as possible to secure your place as the junior and senior squad class size is limited.

Also, a reminder that our first in-house tournament for the year is scheduled for Friday, 24th February 2017.  If there is a large number of entries it will be run over the following Friday as well.  Entry forms are now available at the dojo.  Entries close:  Friday 17th February.  The in-house tournament is open to all members, including beginners, you don’t have to be part of the tournament squad to have a go.

Congratulations Connor!

Congratulations to Connor, our newest ‘Yellow Stripe Little Champion’. Connor was awarded his belt in class this week. Below is a picture of Connor getting a little help from Senpai David to put his new belt on.