Kyu Grading Results – October 2016

Congratulations to all students who successfully passed gradings last Saturday, 15th October 2016.  As always, it’s great to see the results of consistent, hard work in the dojo and students moving up the levels.

A special mention to Matteo Cutuli who double graded to 9th Kyu – green belt (white stripe).


12th Kyu – Yellow Belt
Eddie Ennis-Bell, Torsten Sprey, Che Staal

11th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe)
Jessica Hobbs, Jason Madge, Irena Sprey, Lukas Woolgrove

10th Kyu – Orange Belt
Josh Bell, Zac Evett, Flynn Jordan, Bradman Miller-Smith, Cooper Miller-Smith, Zak Wright

9th Kyu – Green Belt (White Stripe)
Matteo Cutuli, Halea Eggmolesse, Dylan Woods

8th Kyu – Green Belt
Cooper Darling, Jake Fisher

6th Kyu – Blue Belt
Andrew Crocker

5th Kyu – Purple Belt (White Stripe)
Jake Herden, Paul Murray, Sonya Wright

4th Kyu – Purple Belt
Justin Otto, Savannah Perdikis

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt (White Stripe)
Kamryn Stray

Well done everyone.

If you didn’t grade this time around, there’s just one more opportunity with the finaly kyu grading of the year scheduled for Saturday, 3rd December.  If you’re got your eye set on getting to the final grading, be sure to continue working hard in class and don’t miss progress check weeks:  all this week 17-21 October & the week of 14-18 November.  Registrations for the final grading of the year are due in: Friday, 25th November.

Photos to follow and new belts and grading certificates are presented in class this week.

Committed to Black Belt Seminar

14567405_10154089710564091_4093294977602355127_oOn Saturday 8th October we hosted our annual Committed to Black Belt Seminar. This seminar is always loaded with inspiration and this year was no different.

Thank you to Sensei Martin for co-ordinating the seminar and sharing some great wisdom and knowledge for all students striving to achieve black belt and beyond.

Thank you to black belts Klaudia and Bailey for leading the way and inspiring many of our junior students. I’m certain that your journey to black belt will inspire many students now and in the future.

Finally…. all the best to Sam Hunt who will challenge for his black belt in a couple of weeks. Good luck Sam!

Photos from the Committed to Black Belt Seminar have been posted on the SCK Facebook Page.

Martial Arts Ph.D. Research Project – Data Collection

A few months back some of our black belt members had the opportunity to participate in a Ph.D. research project at the University of Sunshine Coast, lead by Colin Gavagan.  Here’s a short message that Colin has written about the project. (Photos below).

To the members of Sunshine Coast Karate,

Recently Sensei Martin Phillips and senior black belts Helen O’Grady, Matthew Stevenson, Klaudia Caston and David Strazzari all took part in my Ph.D. research project at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

The title of my research project is:

“A multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the relationship between Karate point sparring techniques under varying task constraints.”

The purpose of the research is to explore how expertise and changing task and environmental settings affect the performance and effectiveness of Karate techniques. Of particular interest is how movement coordination (kinematics) is adapted to meet these changing situations.

As participants in this study, Sensei Martin, and co’s full body movements were recorded in the University of the Sunshine Coast 3D motion lab as they punched and kicked two different stationary targets at various targets. This is the same technology that is used to create 3D digital models movies and computer games. To accurately capture bodily movements in 3D, all participants were required to be fitted out with numerous low weight retro-reflective markers placed on some anatomical landmarks. Data collection took up to 8 hours for some testing session. This particular round of data collection is only the first 2 such planned studies and the second of three studies of three studies in the Ph.D. research.

Once all the results have been analysed, it is hoped that the findings can be used to help establish a framework of the most effective techniques for Karate point sparring and how to better prepare for such events in training. Is it also hoped that the data may help to improve the systems for awarding points and reduce the number Judges’ errors. The results will be used to provide support to coaching and judging development pathways. Each participant in the study will eventually receive a small data pack about their own performance.

Thank you again to all the participants from Sunshine Coast Karate for their efforts and patience.

Kind Regards,

Colin Gavagan

Thank you to Colin for the invitation and sharing these photos.  It was a really interesting experience being dressed up like a Christmas tree 😉  Looking forward to seeing the results of the study.

Here are a few of the photos that Colin provided, more on the SCK facebook page.  (Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge).

Dojo Rats…

A few weeks ago when we had Mitchell German Sensei here from Canada, he noticed that we had a few students who just about lived at the dojo.  While it’s true there were a few people who did some extra training while he was in town, it was just normal routine for a few of them.

Towards the end of his week on the Sunshine Coast, German Sensei told a few of these students about hockey season in Canada.  For those who don’t know, ice hockey is a pretty popular sport in much of Canada.  And much like our dojo, there are some young hockey players who just about live at the ice rink throughout the hockey season and they’re affectionately known as “RINK RATS”.

We don’t know that much about ice hockey, but we think we’ve got a few “DOJO RATS”.  And one of them had a birthday the other day, so we thought we’d do up a special present for her to acknowledge her status as a dojo rat (check out the t-shirt in the photo below).

Dojo Rat

These two dojo rats pictured above (Sami & Savannah) have come up with a qualification standard for anyone who wants to join the elite ranks of the Sunshine Coast Karate Dojo Rats.  All you have to do is train at least 5 lessons a week for a minimum of 3 consecutive months.

They’ve already been through all of the student progress cards to see who qualifies, and it’s a very exclusive club.  But it’s not too late if you want to join the ranks and become a dojo rat too.

So….. what do you think? Do you have what it takes to become a dojo rat?

October 2016 – Newsletter

The latest newsletter (October 2016 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – October 2016 Newsletter (PDF 1.9MB).

This month’s newsletter features:

  1. Training with Mitchell German Sensei
  2. Great Results for our Little Champions: New belts – Kaden Kaarsberg, Logan Roberts & Poppy Shadforth
  3. QLD State Titles Results
  4. Latest E-Dojo Updates: Japanese in the Dojo
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Student Attendance – Top Training Students in September
    • Top Training Little Champion – Lachlan Edwards (13 lessons)
    • Top Training Karate Kids -Savannah Perdikis & Sami Phillips (34 lessons)
    • Top Training Teen/Adult – Sam Hunt (16 lessons)
  7. Welcome New Students
  8. October Birthdays
  9. Jokes

Download the newsletter now: October 2016 Newsletter (PDF 1.9MB).

School Holidays – Training as usual

The school holiday period, Monday 19th September – Sunday 2nd October, training will be on as usual. We look forward to seeing many of you in the dojo throughout the holidays.

Enjoy your school holidays everyone!

Great Results For Our Little Champions

It’s been a big week in the dojo for our Little Champions. Not only have they had the opportunity to work with guest instructor Mitchell German Sensei, they have also come together to celebrate the successes of their class mates.

Congratulations to all Little Champions who received tips and new belts throughout the week. Keep up the great work!

A big thank you to all leaders currently leading the way for our Little Champions. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.





A Week of Training with Mitchell German Sensei from Halifax, Canada

mitchell-german-02This week, Mitchell German Sensei (6th Dan, Renshi) from Halifax, Canada took the lead on the floor at Sunshine Coast Karate.  German Sensei shared a wealth of knowledge throughout the week and inspired all of us.

German Sensei is one of the most senior ranked practitioners of the International Chito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation outside of Japan and has had a very successful tournament career for many years, both as a competitor and a coah, both in Chito-Ryu and in the WKF.

We were lucky enough to capture a few photos throughout the week.  You can view all photos at the Sunshine Coast Karate Facebook Page.

A big thank you to our local association for providing this experience for all Sunshine Coast Karate instructors, leaders and students.


September 2016 – Newsletter

The latest newsletter (September 2016 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – September 2016 Newsletter (PDF 3.9MB).

This month’s newsletter features:

  1. Grading Success
    • Sensei Sandra Phillips – graded to 5th Dan & Shihan (Master Instructor)
    • Lachlan Edwards – Little Champion Black Striped Belt
    • August Grading Results
  2. Happy 40th Birthday Sensei Martin
  3. August In-House Tournament Results
  4. Article: The Grandson of Matsumura Soken
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Student Attendance – Top Training Students in August
    • Top Training Little Champion – Jack Steif(13 lessons)
    • Top Training Karate Kids – Sam Phillips (25 lessons)
    • Top Training Teen/Adult – Sam Hunt (16 lessons)
  7. Welcome New Students
  8. September Birthdays

Download the newsletter now: September 2016 Newsletter (PDF 3.9MB).

Grading Results – August 2016

Congratulations to all students who passed gradings on Saturday, 27th August.  As always, it’s great to see students stepping up to next levels.  It was only a relatively small grading this time around, which means next one is likely to be a big one.  A special mention to the students who double graded, who have been working very hard in the dojo showing considerable growth as a result of consistent effort and hard work.

12th Kyu – Yellow Belt

  • Abby Kerrison
  • Emily Lucas
  • Jason Madge

11th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe)

  • Samantha Beaton
  • Lachlan Davies ** Double grading **
  • Casey Grima
  • Daniel Meloncelli
  • Scott Roberts
  • Emily Roles
  • Madeline Smith

10th Kyu – Orange Belt

  • Jasmine Caston
  • Frazer Evett
  • Kaden Fisher
  • Jay O’Pray
  • Steven Phillips ** Double grading **
  • Grace Saron ** Double grading **
  • Jade Schriever
  • Ayla Schultz

8th Kyu – Green Belt

  • Faith Hardy

7th Kyu – Blue Belt (White Stripe)

  • Johan Frank

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt (White Stripe)

  • Sam Phillips ** Double grading **


Jay & Jade awaiting their turn for grading

Belts & grading certificates will be presented in class next week to all students who successfully graded.

There are just two more kyu grading opportunities this year, if you didn’t grade this time and you have your goals set on grading again this year be sure to continue to train consistently and work hard.  Dates for the last two gradings are:  15 October & 3 December.