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August 2018 Newsletter

We’ve been a bit slow getting this issue up online, but the latest newsletter (August 2018 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies have been available form the dojo available from the dojo and on the dojo noticeboard for a little while already, or you can view it online – August 2018 Newsletter (6.0MB PDF)

In this issue:

  • Sensei Martin’s Japan Adventure
  • Karate Mum Double Grades
  • Father & Son Powering Along
  • Upcoming Events
  • Party Time At SCK
  • Check Out That Fan!
  • Great Job Halina
  • Lots Of New Colours
  • Recent Video Uploads
  • Attendance Recognition
    • Top Training Little Champion – Timothy Probert – 16 lessons
    • Top Training Karate Kid – William Baarslag – 21 lessons
    • Top Training Teen/Adult – Justin Otto – 20 lessons
  • Welcome New Students
  • August Student Birthdays
  • Encourage Others
  • Soke Cup Countdown
  • New Belt for Mia
  • U3A is Back in Term 3
  • Committed to Excellence
  • Colouring Competition
  • New Belt for Harrison
  • Goodbye & Good Luck
  • New Black Belts
  • Japanese with Rika Sensei
  • Kuluin Fete
  • SCK’s Computer Whizz
  • Subway Sports Award

Download the newsletter now: August 2018 Newsletter (6.0MB PDF)

July 2018 Newsletter

The latest newsletter (July 2018 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – July 2018 Newsletter (1.9MB PDF)

In this issue:

  • Gold Coast Cup – Tournament Success
    • Na’ila Khan – Little Champion Tournament Champion
    • Raiyan Khan – Junior Tournament Champion
    • Keanu Caston – Senior Tournament Champion
  • Upcoming Events (July-August 2018, plus all 2018 gradings, tournaments & camps)
  • June Grading Results
  • Telstra Photo Shoot
  • It’s a Team Effort
  • Senpai Matt & Jude Re-unite
  • Attendance Recognition
    • Top Training Little Champion – Timothy Probert – 15 lessons in June
    • Top Training Karate Kid – Sami Phillips – 24 lesson in June
    • Top Training Teen/Adult – Justin Otto – 27 lessons in June
  • Welcome New Students
  • Student Birthdays
  • Quotes of the Month
  • Committed to Excellence Awards
  • Smiles All Round at SCK
  • June Colouring Competition – The winner is… Tenaya
  • In the Media
  • Top Voters Win iPad
  • Senpai Bailey Making a Difference
  • Japanese with Rika Sensei
  • 2018 QLD State Titles on the Sunshine Coast
  • Subway Sports Awards
  • Concept IT Systems

Download the newsletter now: July 2018 Newsletter (1.9MB PDF)

Grading Results – June 2018

Congratulations to everyone who successfully graded today.  New belts and grading certificates to be presented in class next week.

12th Kyu – Yellow Belt

  • Jude Allett
  • Alexander Eckerman
  • Hayden Hosking
  • Rebecca Lamprecht
  • Ethan Thomas
  • Will Tuckey

11th Kyu – Orange Belt (White Stripe)

  • Talia Lowns
  • Brett McRae
  • Joseph Purvis
  • Peter Thomas ** Double Grading

10th Kyu – Orange Belt

  • Bailey McRae
  • Marco Strano
  • Mikele Strano

9th Kyu – Green Belt (White Stripe)

  • Katja Baarslag
  • Annie Gagnier ** Double Grading
  • Tenaya Grice
  • Lachlan Humphreys ** Double Grading
  • Abby Kerrison
  • Noah Smith
  • Tayah Thompson

7th Kyu – Blue Belt (White Stripe)

  • Emmett Furner
  • Jamie Warren

6th Kyu – Blue Belt

  • Lachlan Davies
  • Frazer Evett

What is karate all about? A student’s perspective

It’s almost grading time again.  While students are working on their final preparations this week, before the grading this weekend, we get to go through all of the grading application forms and theory tests.  This is always a good opportunity for us to get a bit more insight into what motivates students and see what karate means to them.

While reading everyone’s applications yesterday, I came across this one from Bec, who is doing her first grading this weekend.

The best word I can think of to describe Bec’s journey in the dojo so far is…. transformative.  Bec’s been going through a lot of personal challenges and has demonstrated a lot of personal growth since she started training.  Even in the face of all these challenges, she’s chosen to take the lessons learned in the dojo and make some positive changes in her life.  Like all of us, and I’m sure she’d be first to agree, she’s still a bit of a work in progress, but she continues to take steps forwards.

Good luck with your grading this weekend Bec.  And of course, good luck to everyone else too.

With Bec’s permission, here is a copy of her answers to the questions that we ask all beginners who are grading.  I hope you enjoy reading them and get something out of them for yourself.

Question 1:  Why do you study karate & what are the benefits of training for you?

For me I don’t think “study” is the right word, because it implies there’s a finite amount to learn, and a defined level in which you reach “mastery”.  I don’t think this is the case with karate; and so, the most accurate answer I can give is this:  I don’t study karate.  Learn a lot about myself through practising karate.

With regards to personal benefits, there is the superficial and obvious:  fitness & learning to socialise with others.  But it’s so much more.  At the moment, karate is the eye of the storm:  that one moment when the sun comes out and there’s peace.  When I train, all the chaos in my head stops and all that’s left is movement and joy and just existing.  Karate gives me hope and is teaching me to be kind, patient and forgive myself.

Question 2:  What do you think is the purpose of karate?

 Taken literally, karate is a form of martial arts, it is self defence:  it is learning how to fight and how not to fight.  Karate is a choice instead of a reflex:  it’s learning to control your fight or flight response, your emotions, your choices.  Karate is balance and acceptance:  it is understanding mistakes are as important as triumphs, bad times are as rewarding as the good; because the equilibrium is where the greatest lessons are learnt.  Karate is about respect:  live and let live.

Question 3:  What does the “Showa” mean to you?

At the moment the Showa is part of my daily mental checklist: peace (remember to breathe), perseverance (keep picking yourself up when things go wrong), and hard work (don’t ever give up on yourself).  It is an anchor that reminds me everything is transient, and this too shall pass.

June 2018 Newsletter

The latest newsletter (June 2018 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – June 2018 Newsletter (2.0MB PDF)

Latest News:

  • Team SCK, You have won $5,000
  • Upcoming Events (June-July 2018, plus all 2018 gradings, tournaments & camps)
  • New Training Space Update

SCK Students:

    • Stretch & Sweat Class
    • Attendance Recognition
      • Top Training Little Champion – Timothy Probert (17 lessons)
      • Top Training Karate Kid – Sam Phillips (21 lessons)
      • Top Training Teen/Adult – Justin Otto (27 lessons)
    • Committed to Excellence Awards
    • New Students
    • Student Birthday’s
    • Quotes of the Month
  • Karate Bringing Families Together
  • “Community” Colouring Competition
  • SCK Instructors Supporting Local Japanese Language Students
  • Japanese with Rika Sensei
  • Little Champions Rewarded For Their Hard Work
  • Subway Sports Awards

Download the newsletter now: June 2018 Newsletter (2.0MB PDF)

May 2018 Newsletter

The latest newsletter (May 2018 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – May 2018 Newsletter (PDF 2.2MB).

Latest News:

  • SCK is in the running to win a share of $6000 in Telstra’s Connected Community Program
  • Upcoming Events (May – June 2018, plus all 2018 gradings, tournaments & camps)

SCK Students:

  • New Sports Awards For Little Champions & Karate Kids
  • “Confidence” Colouring Competition Winner… Na’Ila Khan
  • Attendance Recognition – Top Training Students in March & April
  • Committed to Excellence Awards
  • New Students
  • Student Birthday’s
  • Quotes of the Month
  • Website Upgrade
  • April Grading Results
  •  Japanese with Rika Sensei
  • Term 2 Sweat & Stretch Class

Download the newsletter now:  May 2018 Newsletter (PDF 2.2MB).

Can you help us win first prize of $5000?

Sunshine Coast Karate is one of 3 community groups in the running to win a share of $6000 in prizes.  The more votes we get the more chances we have of winning the main prize.  You can vote more than once, but limited to one vote per person per day.  Voting open Monday 7 May and ends on Sunday 3 June.

Vote instore at any of the following Telstra Stores:

  • Telstra Store Maroochydore, Opposite Coles – Shop123 / Sunshine Plaza, Horton Parade, Maroochydore, Q, 4558
  • Telstra Store Sunshine Plaza, Near Kmart – Shop 243 / Sunshine Plaza, Horton Parade, Maroochydore, Q, 4558
  • Telstra Store Noosa, Shop T1003/4 Noosa Civic Centre, 28 Eenie Creek Rd, Noosaville QLD 4566


A Time For Family & Fun – Easter Picnic & Family Training Day

This year’s Easter family picnic and training day was a great day.  After several weeks of rain, the weather was mostly fine and the rain held off.  It’s always great to see the dojo community come together for these special social events.  These events are organised by our local association as an opportunity for our members to come together outside of the dojo and enjoy the Sunshine Coast.

As the dojo membership has grown to over 200 members and training is spread across nearly 30 classes per week, a lot of our members just don’t get to even meet each other, let alone train together.  So, days like this are really important for us to celebrate the diversity of our members and it’s a great chance for us to get to spend some time with other family members and parents who may not get into the dojo themselves (yet).

The day started off with training in the park, with our young brown & black belts leading the groups for the first half of training:  Bailey, Sami, Savannah & Anthony.  Although Bailey the oldest amongst our young leaders is the only one who’s even a teenager yet.  They’re all talented martial artists who been training training for 5+ years.  Even more than showing a commitment to their own training, they continue to prove that they’re all great leaders and role models in the dojo, so it was great to see them leading the way during this special training session.

Normally in the dojo we split the classes by age in order to properly cater to everyone’s needs, but on these special training days it’s great to have everyone jump in together and share a common passion for karate.

After training it was time for a FREE sausage sizzle put on by the committee.  A special thank you in particular to Leanne & Gerard Baarslag who helped organise everything on this front.

After a bite to eat, it was time for the games:  tug-o-war, sack races, egg and spoon races, bobbing for apples and the famous egg catch game.

For us, karate is so much more than just kicking and punching, it’s a way of life.  And it’s wonderful to be able to share it like our dojo community on days like this.  There are a few opportunities throughout the year, the big ones being the Easter Family Day & the Christmas Family Day.  So if you didn’t make it this time, there will be more opportunities.  But until then, we’ll see you in the dojo.

March 2018 Newsletter

The latest newsletter (March 2018 edition) is now available for download.  Hard copies are available from the dojo or on the dojo noticeboard, or you can view it online – March 2018 Newsletter (PDF 4.3MB).

Latest News:

  • SCK is expanding
  • Easter Family Picnic & Training Day – Sunday, 25th March
  • Upcoming Events (Mar – April 2018, plus all 2018 gradings, tournaments & camps)

SCK Students:

  • Committed To Black Belt
  • Sign On Day Success
  • Attendance Recognition
    • Little Champions – Timothy Probert (17 lessons)
    • Karate Kids – William Baarslag (19 lessons)
    • Teens/Adult: Justin Otto (21 lessons)
  • Welcome New Students
  • Student Birthday’s
  • Quotes of the Month
  • Committed To Excellence
    • Tayah Thompson (Certificate – 2 years training at SCK)
    • Miguel & Faith Hardy (Bronze Medal – 3 years training at SCK) 
    • Matai Doughty (Silver Medal – 5 years training at SCK) 
    • Sami Phillips (Gold Medal – 7 years training at SCK)
  • – Website upgrade
  • Sunshine Coast Tournament – 18th March
  • Bodies By Design

Download the newsletter now:  March 2018 Newsletter (PDF 4.3MB).

March Colouring Competition – Colour & Win

Enter the March 2018 colouring competition.

This competition is open to all kids of the Sunshine Coast aged 4-13 years.  Even if you aren’t a member of Sunshine Coast Karate we look forward to meeting you when you drop in to return your artwork. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

Winner(s) will receive a $30 gift voucher that can be redeemed at one of the following stores:

  • Smiggle
  • Event Cinemas
  • Toys R Us
  • Sunshine Coast Karate – Club shop

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Download the entry
  2. Do your best colouring
  3. Return by to Sunshine Coast Karate Saturday 17th March 2018 for your chance to WIN

The winning entry from last months competition came from Na’Ila.

4 Days To Go… Improve Your Overall Health & Well Being at SCK

With only 4 days to go until our 2018 Sign on Day, we would like to share with you a few life changing skills that can help you take control of your life.

A few years back we had a member who was a school teacher and he turned up in the dojo for one of our day-time classes.  We knew he wasn’t on holidays, because it was the middle of the school term, so we had to ask…

“What are you doing here at the dojo in the middle of the day?  Aren’t you supposed to be at school?”

He smiled and replied simply,

“I’m taking a mental health day!”

At the time, we didn’t think much more of it, but looking back we can really see wisdom in his approach.  In fact, we’ve come to realise that we have a lot of members who use karate as part of their strategy for managing their mental health.

Whether it’s:  stress, depression, anxiety, or social isolation.  Karate is a great way to help keep you balanced and connected.  Of course the exercise element of the training gives you a natural high through the release of endorphins, you get to do something just for yourself and you get to be a part of a positive, uplifting community of people who are serious about growing themselves.  When it comes to managing your mental health, training at Sunshine Coast Karate really does tick a lot of the boxes.

Getting started can be quite tricky for some people.  New students often feel quite self-conscious and they’re worried that they’re going to make a fool of themselves.  Thankfully the reality is quite different.  Nearly everyone is so focussed on what they’re doing themselves, that they don’t really get to see what anyone else is doing.  It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.

Recently, one of our karate mums has just started training with her son in the kids class as a way to connect more with her son and also increase her own training.  Before she joined the class, her son said it was “OK, as long as you don’t embarrass me”.

Part way through the class, mum tripped and fell.  She was feeling a little embarrassed and thought she’d made a fool of herself, until she asked her son at the end of the class, “did you see me fall over?”

And the answer… “No.”

We see this kind of thing happen all the time, students just get so caught up in what they’re doing they really don’t see much of anyone else in the class.  Of course there are exceptions, because students are encouraged to train with partners and small groups at times.  But even then, most people are still heavily focussed on themselves.

And if you’re ever feeling stressed out, sometimes simple advice is often the best.

Here’s something we say to students, quite a lot, “Just breathe”.  At least that’s the first step in regaining control of the emotions and releasing stress from the body.  By slowing down the breathing and deliberately working on your mind body connection you can allow yourself to get in the moment, but it all starts with taking time to breathe.

When we see someone getting anxious or stressed out, or when we see unnecessary physical tension, this is always the place to start.  Of course, there’s a bit more to it than just breathing.  Over time you learn how to breathe correctly, and in doing so, not only do you learn how to manage your stress levels, but you also take greater control of your emotional state.

In the dojo you will also learn how to develop good posture by lifting your eyes up, opening your chest and standing tall, while at the same time staying centred and in control of yourself.  Posture is a powerful thing.

But even when when do everything else right, we can still be our own worst enemies by choosing to focus on thoughts and self talk that just breaks us down.  Again in the dojo, you will learn to change the inner dialogue and become your own cheer squad.

Every time you train in the dojo you are learning all the skills necessary to put yourself in a peak mental and emotional state.   When you take any one of these elements you can quickly make a change.  With a little practice, this can completely transform your life.

Here’s a great TED talk covers many of these same topics.  When I first saw this video a few years ago, I thought to myself, “this is exactly what we do in the dojo all the time”.

Of course, we’d love to see you at the sign on day this Saturday.

And we could say, Don’t stress out, Don’t worry, Don’t be shy.

We know, if you are going through some challenges right now, it’s not always easy to do what you know you need to and make the necessary changes or try something different.

But…. if any of this sounds familiar or it sounds like you could do with a bit of this in your life.  Even if sounds scary or confronting.  We really hope you can dig deep and take a positive step forward.

We believe in YOU.

Hopefully we’ll see you at the sign on day this Saturday.