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Photos and Videos

Who’s Da Man?

As promised here is another Fun video clip to wrap up your weekend. Video Clip: ‘The Man Song’ Running time: Just under 2 minutes Comments: Great laugh for someone…. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and we’ll be in touch next week with more updates from Sunshine Coast Karate and some other extras you might find interesting. If you are…

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Funny Karate Master

Here is a short 2 minute video clip that I stumbled across this morning.  I think all our martial arts friends at Sunshine Coast Karate will enjoy this one.  Just press play to watch. Have you joined us on facebook yet?  Sunshine Coast Karate has its very own facebook fan page where you can keep up with what is happening…

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Let’s Finish The Year With A BANG!

The end of the year is almost upon us, so let’s end the year with a BANG!

There’s so much exciting stuff going on, here’s the short version. Be sure to click through to see all the details.

  • Christmas Picnic in reviews – Photos & Videos
  • Archive Videos – Soke Cup 1989-98, kata & kumite highlights
  • Frozen Treat Week – This week for all kids…
  • Success Focus Mastermind – Last meeting this week – Raise your financial IQ…
  • Good-bye Senpai Rhys
  • Christmas Holiday times – last training for the year & start dates for 2010
  • New Training Schedule for 2010. Only minor changes.

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Soke Sensei’s 2009 Visit

It seems like a lifetime ago since Soke Sensei’s Sunshine Coast visit.  But finally, here’s a bit of a review. As always it was a great pleasure to have Soke Sensei visit the Sunshine Coast. Soke Sensei’s Australian visit commenced with training arriving on the Gold Coast Monday 18 May, where he taught evening classes and early morning class the…

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