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In The News – Families Kickin’ It For Fun


Did you read the Sunshine Coast Daily yesterday (Tue, 3 Feb 2009)?  If not you missed a great half page article about our very popular Family Karate Classes at Sunshine Coast Karate, in the lifestyle section of the paper, which came about as a result of a huge team effort.  Sensei Sandra prepared the media release that got it all started.  Liam Richards, from Mick’s Meat Barn, suggested the idea in the first place and gave a few tips which lead to the release being picked up by the paper.  Sensei Martin and Helen O’Grady gave their time to be interviewed by the reporter.  And the Moulden family gave up their time to have photos taken to support the article.

Thank you to everyone who made this article move forward, here’s a copy of the article [PDF].

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