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Live Streaming 6 days a week

We hope you and your families are safe.  As we move forward through these uncertain times, please reach out if you need help with anything and we'll do our best to find additional support for you through our network.

Our Doors Are Still Open (For Live Online Classes)

We have gone 100% virtual and everyone is welcome.

Maroochydore Dojo Re-Opening From 1 June 2020

Maroochydore Dojo has re-opened for classes from Mon, 1 June 2020 - Read this blog post for details (Updated - 31 May 2020).

Getting Started is Easy
Step 1:  Book in for a free online private lesson (15 minutes). Start Free Trial
Step 2:  Try an online group class 
Step 3:  Join our SCK family and power through these uncertain times


Online Training Options

  1. E-Dojo Website - resources & recorded lessons
  2. Online Group Classes

Technology required for online lessons

All you need is a device with a webcam and an internet connection, such as:  a smartphone, ipad or computer.  A tripod might also be useful, but not necessary.

E-Dojo Website - Available now for all students

Please start making use of the Karate 4 Life E-Dojo website.  There are already several years worth of resources online and we'll be adding even more.

Links for Live Online Group Classes
Please log into ZenPlanner to find the links for your classes.  For now, you can also find the links to your classes via the new online training schedule.

Here is a link to our "New Online Training Schedule" that will start on Monday 30th March 2020.  Please let us know your preferred classes so we can update your ZenPlanner bookings to align with the new online training schedule. Click here to update your class bookings.


  1. Click on the class link 5-10 minutes before start time (especially for your first class)
  2. This will prompt a download of the zoom software on your device (if you don't already have it). If you aren't familiar with technology, jump on a little earlier and if you have any trouble, give us a call so we can help you. (MB: 0435 255 323)
  3. We'll be notified of your attendance and will add you to the lesson as we see you come in.
  4. Let's Grow!!


  1. Make sure you 'mute' your audio especially if you are coming in after start time.
  2. Hover over your video and 3 dots will come up in the top right corner. Click on this and you will have the option to 'rename'. Please put both the first and last names of participants here so we can quickly grab your progress cards. We'll continue progress checking throughout this experience for everyone.
  3. Choose 'speaker view' if you would like to only see us. Choose 'gallery view' if you would like to see others.
  4. Instructors will 'spotlight' certain students from time to time to celebrate the effort and performance of students.

Let's keep LIVING.

Now, more than ever is the time to stay socially connected, not socially distanced.   

And, don't forget...

Your focus determines your reality!

Thank you everyone for reminding us of the strength of the Sunshine Coast Karate community. Let's keep moving forward one day at a time and find ways to help each other through these uncertain times. Together, we can do this!!


Let’s get even clearer on our goals and let’s make every day count. Why? Because you matter, your health matters (physical, mental, emotional), your goals matter and you have new heights to achieve in 2020 not only for you but for those you love most. Let’s keep living in 2020!!

Dedicated to your success,

Sandra & Martin Phillips

PS - Little Champions ands Karate Kids, keep those smiles shining bright for Mum and Dad. :-)

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