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Women’s Self Defence Tips – Section 1 Introduction


Section 1: Basic Self Defence

Education for Women – Introduction To Lessons 1-10

For those that believe that learning self defence is not something that is necessary, think about. Think about two of your closest female friends. Out of the three of you, it is likely that one of you will be assaulted violently and sexually at some point in your life. The odds are stacked against you and for that; you need a self defence education.

This section focuses on the best basic self defence. This is the beginning of the journey to understanding how you can keep yourself safe, but is far from being the level that you need, which is covered later. If you learn nothing else, learn the methods here to protect yourself.

The above section introduction has been reproduced and adapted for this website with permission from the publisher of the original e-book “Self Defense Tips For Women”

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