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Women’s Self Defence Tips – Lesson # 6


Tip 6: Prepare Yourself Correctly

While we live in a day and age where women have equal rights to men, that doesn’t mean that we share the same body make up and that means that they are likely to be stronger than you, especially when they want what you have. A key element here is never presenting to them what you have that they could possibly want.

For example, wearing flashy jewelry, expensive clothing or even just carrying a designer bag can put you at risk of theft. Not only are those items likely to help you to become a victim, but also the premise that you are likely to be carrying a good amount of cash or credit cards.

Since there is no reason to have these times, don’t carry them when you are going to be walking or being in a situation in which you could be alone.

The above tip has been reproduced and adapted for this website with permission from the publisher of the original e-book “Self Defense Tips For Women”

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