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5 Real-Life Lessons I Am Working On, Right Now

By Mel Fawcett

I have realised, while contemplating things from this life phase of rock bottom, that goals, dreams and visions can become a prison for us, if we hold our happiness and our worth captive to the destination being fulfilled according only to the limited view of our perception.

What if we continue to live like that every day, only in service to the future vision and never value ourselves and our lives in the now? What if we give all our power away to others and ask them, fix this for me, I don’t have the answers, but I am sure that you do?

What if the enemy is the way we are approaching our visions, dreams and goals? What if it is our thinking and not our vision that makes us lose heart?

Is there another way, that we can strive to create the highest vision for ourselves and others that we can imagine, but also live more lightly, with more humour, fun and joy – as if we are living this life to actually enjoy it?

Here are 5 five practices that I am working on right now as I navigate a new mind, that feels a little bit lighter.