What is Success?


3 Questions to Reframe Success, Change Your Relationship With Yourself and Redefine Your Growth

By Mel Fawcett

On the flip side of our relationship with the villain failure, is its seeming opposite, the hero of success.

But is the idea of success really the opposite of failure? Or are they the same thing, depending on your perception?

When you think back to your childhood, how was success defined for you? Was it something you openly discussed with parents or teachers, or was it an unsaid belief system that you adopted through watching the world around you?

For me, success was never openly discussed. Which is a strange thing, as a kid, I felt I so clearly knew what a failure was, but a true, real, deep, success? No idea. In our childhood world, the idea of success was in the external. Money. House. Stuff. Holidays. Titles. Importance. Education. Adventure. Lack of fear. Lack of emotion.

Growing up believing that self-worth was something that needed to be earned and that it was connected to external achievement and a set of perfect circumstances of life, meant that when our family had to move when I was 12 due to our family business failing, nothing was discussed.

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