Grading Success


Congratulations to all students achieving new levels over the weekend. 

Below is a listing of all students who graded.  Photos will follow after grading certificate and belt presentations.  Keep up the great work everyone!!

12th Kyu (Yellow):  Mason Adcock, Eva Chapman, Lincoln Gover, Jacob Urch
11th Kyu (Orange/White):  Jayden Flett, Neve Boxer, Billy Cox, Axel Dede, Grace Pata, Alexandra Roberts, Jaxson Tickle Anna Yost, Aylah Yost
10th Kyu (Orange): Ariana Commisso, Ilaria Commisso, Oliver Krausz, Mitchell Stringer
9th Kyu (Green/White): Benjamin Hall, Keahi Seni
8th Kyu (Green): Hayden Hurford
6th Kyu (Blue):  Rupert Hall, Bailey McRae
5th Kyu (Purple/White):  Lachlan Edwards
4th Kyu (Purple):  Joanne Bailey, Brett McRae

Next Kyu Grading:  Saturday 27th November

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