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Congratulations to both Fiona and Lea-Anne who have both completed their first year of training at Sunshine Coast Karate. A wonderful achievement for these two Karate mum’s who continue to juggle all of their responsibilities whilst also giving themselves a little time. 

Both Fiona & Lea-Anne participate in the adult karate program for themselves and also continue to train alongside of their children in our kid’s programs. 

Celebrating alongside of Fiona and Lea-Anne is one of our brown belt students, Flynn.  Flynn celebrates 6 years and is growing stronger and more focused with every class as he edges his way towards black belt.   2021 has been a year of great growth for Flynn as both a leader and a student.  

Together, let’s celebrate Fiona, Lea-Anne, and Flynn as they move towards training milestones.  If you see them in the dojo, be sure to congratulate them on their effort and all that they contribute to the dojo.

We look forward to sharing more training milestones with you all real soon.  Until then, keep up the great work everyone, and thank you for being a part of Sunshine Coast Karate.

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