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Brown & Black Training (Sun 10 Oct) – Connecting Dojos With Technology


Over the last year and a half it’s become increasingly more difficult to get together with other dojos for training and tournaments. Normally throughout the year we would have senior training for brown and black belts and tournaments with our friends on the Gold Coast.

Our latest brown and black belt training session last weekend (Sun, 10 Oct 2021), we decided to do something different and train together in our respective dojos with a virtual hookup via Zoom.

We have been running Zoom classes for the last 18 months or so in addition to classes in the dojo (when we’re not in lockdown), so it’s not a completely new, but there is a whole new set of challenges and a learning curve teaching and training in this way.

It was great to see the day well attended with students from the Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast dojos.

It was a good day of training, 5 hours, 9am-2pm with a few short drink breaks. In this time we covered a lot of ground, reviewing of all kata, including a detailed breakdown of Niseishi Dai, Chinto & Sochin, a quick share of some kobudo ideas, plus a some time developing some key principles in henshuho.

The time went by really quickly and I’m sure everyone in attendance would agree that we could have easily spent twice as much time and there would still be lots left to cover, but a great start nonetheless.

A big thank you to everyone for persevering with a few technology issues and helping to make it a great day of training.

The good news, as a result of taking this step, those who are joining us for weekly online Zoom classes now have the chance to train along with classes in the dojo. In addition to receiving more personalised instruction via Zoom, online students can now stay more connected than ever to our classes at the dojo. It’s wonderful to see the energy continuing to grow in all students and we look forward to seeing where we can take things by embracing technology in the dojo.

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