Welcome Back Senpai Sam!


At last weekend’s Brown & Black Belt Training, we were so excited to welcome Senpai Sam back to the dojo.

Senpai Sam was one of Sunshine Coast’s first Chito-Ryu Karate-Do black belts. Senpai Sam was quite the technician and competitor in his high school days and many students were inspired by his level of commitment and abilities.

If you find yourself in class with Senpai Sam, please take the time to welcome him back. It was amazing watching Senpai Sam over the weekend. He might need to remember a few kata, but he’s still got the moves.

Welcome back Senpai Sam!!

Helping to celebrate Senpai Sam’s return we thought we’d capture a special moment with all of Sunshine Coast Karate’s Black Belt Sam’s together. Yes, there are 3 black belt Sam’s. This is going to be fun!!

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