It’s Time To Celebrate


Congratulations to all students earning new grades at the recent grading.  Be sure to take the time to celebrate your achievements and acknowledge how far you’ve come on this journey so far. 

It wasn’t too long ago that we shared conversations with some of you about the struggles that you were experiencing.  Now, look at you. 

We are very proud of all of you and inspired by you every day.  Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!

12th Kyu:  Leonie Booy, Joshua Smith,Lily Hutchins, Grayor Dier and Milla Dier
11th Kyu:  Nakoa Seni, Isabel Hawkins, Noah Hedgeman, Jessica Bedingfield, Nathanael Ebenezer, Mel Fawcett, Mary Parle, Glen Mulhall, John Cranefield
10th Kyu:  Mahirah Khan, Anna Yost, Ian Razzell.
9th Kyu:  Fiona Hawkins, Rebecca Austin, Joyce Hardy, Debbie Strazzari
8th  Kyu:  Matt Craven, Adam Teasdale, Sai Colless
7th Kyu:  Archer McLean
6th Kyu:  Hayden Hosking, Annie Gagnier
4th Kyu:  Jacqui Lippey

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