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Are You Ready For A Huge Year In 2009?


I hope you’re ready, because we have been preparing a huge year ahead in the dojo for 2009.  Those who have been back into the dojo in the last week would have seen the new paint job, and there has been a lot of positive feedback about the new trianing schedule in the last week of January.

One new addition in 2009 is our Little Champions Kararate Program for children 4-6 years old.  Already there is a lot of interest from younger siblings of currnet members along with brand new members getting ready to start.  The Little Champions Program will have a modified syllabus and grading system to help lay a strong foundation in Chito-Ryu along with developing coordination, focus, good manners, listening skills and social skills.

Adult members are also very  happy to have a much greater range of training opportunities, including:  early morning classes, mid morning classes, more evening classes, specialised weapons classes, self-defense classes and sports karate classes.  And our kids classes also have more trianing opporunities and specialised classes too.

Due to the demand in 2008, we have increased the opportunity for private tutition with times now available fortnightly instead of monthly.

For more information about some of the exciting things coming up this year, be sure to check out our calendar of events.  And if you haven’t made it into the dojo yet, “What are you wainting for?”

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