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Morning Crew Members Having A Big Year!


Look at these amazing three.  Tom, Sonya and Mary all come together to celebrate their personal achievements and each other.  

Mary was awarded the Most Improved in our Beginner Teens/Adult Program this year.  For anyone who has had the privilege of training with Mary will know how deserving she is of this award.  I can’t wait to have more time in the dojo with Mary not only to help her continue on this path, but also to further my understanding as both a student and instructor.  So much wisdom!!

This year we celebrate Sonya’s 7th year in the dojo.  A very special journey so far and there is no stopping her.  If anyone was going to earn their black belt in the near future, Sonya would be one of the first people that come to mind.  Has it been an easy 7 years of training?  You’ll have to ask Sonya yourself, but what I do know is that we are so grateful to be on this journey with Sonya.  Congratulations Sonya. One class at a time, you’ve got this!!

And then we have Tom, another person I believe is edging his way closer to black belt.  Can you believe that Tom recently celebrated 20 years of training at Sunshine Coast Karate (photos to come soon) and now accepts the award of our 2021 Advanced Student of the Year.  A big year for Tom juggling family, work and stepping up his training.  Way to go Tom. Amazing energy!!!

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