Introducing Our Newest Leaders


We are very lucky to be welcoming three new leaders to our leadership team. 

Miyuki Power (4th Kyu)
Rika Tsuchida Sensei (4th Kyu)
Mitchell Stringer (9th Kyu)

Miyuki and Rika Sensei will be leading segments in the Thursday day classes each week and they’ll be sharing a unique leadership style by using mostly Japanese.  

Mitchell joins Alex and Lachlan in the Monday Little Champions Class. Mitchell started training at Sunshine Coast Karate as a Little Champion and is now on his way to black belt and beyond in our karate kids program.

Thank you to Senpai Debbie pictured with Miyuki and Rika Sensei for continually inspiring all of us and sharing her knowledge and wisdom in both the morning and day classes. 

Thank you also to Alex and Lachlan (pictured with Mitchell) for helping Mitchell settle into his first leadership class and continually being a wonderful example as both students and leaders in the dojo.

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