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Let The Tournament Preparations Begin


Local Martial Arts Tournament to be held in Pacific Paradise

As the countdown begins to the Winter Karate Tournament (Sun 7 Aug), students of all ages and levels have begun their preparations. There are even divisions for beginner students.

Here are a few photos of some of our Sunshine Coast Karate teenagers and adults in last night’s class. Some of which have their sights set on the 2023 World Championships.

Although not everyone that practices martial arts will compete in tournaments, it is certainly a great way to develop your skills under pressure. Tournament Info: https://www.karatedo.org.au/tournament

NEW ‘Basic Skills Event’ for our Little Champions (for children 4-7 Years)
The purpose of the event is to help introduce young children to tournaments in an easy to follow format that allows them to follow along, whilst they are still developing the confidence to perform on their own.

For more information about this event, we have created a page with an overview of how the event works along with a few sample videos showing the competition format, performed by some older karate kids.


Registration for the upcoming Sunshine Coast Winter Tournament closes: Fri, 22 July.

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