Karate is Awesome!


Got a message from a parent of one of our new, young students, Lucas (aged 6), sharing his thoughts on karate so far…

“I need lots of help to put my arms and legs in the right place. I like that everyone helps me. Karate is awesome.”

We know what you mean Lucas, getting our brains to tell our bodies what to do can be a challenge for everyone in the dojo, regardless of age or rank.

Even after years of training we still feel like this with some things. In the process of constantly trying to do things better we have a picture in our mind of how we’d like to do things, but often it takes time for our bodies to be able to catch up (years in some cases).

But just like you Lucas, we think karate is awesome too!!! And the amazing community of people in the dojo are a big part of that for us too.

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