Grading Results


Congratulations to all students earning new grades on Saturday 15th October.  We look forward to seeing lots of new coloured belts in the dojo this week.  Keep up the great work everyone!

12th Kyu – Yellow belt
Travis Collis
Sophie McEvoy

11th Kyu – Orange belt, white stripe
Sebastian Commins
Isla Hardy

10th Kyu – Orange belt
Freya Dyer
Lincoln Gover
Deja Ross

9th Kyu – Green belt, white stripe
Axel Dede
Grace Patà
Archer Yost
Aylah Yost

8th Kyu – Green belt
Mahirah Khan
Mitchell Stringer

Here are a couple of photos celebrating recent belt promotions.

And, here are some photos of some very excited karate kids that can’t wait any longer to try on their new belts. 

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