November Leadership Training


A big thank you to all leaders who took part in our November Leadership Training.  An amazing effort by all and a great demonstration of teamwork on so many levels.

Throughout this session, teams, ‘J is the 10th’‘Quick Silver’ and ‘At least 10 Letters’ all went head to head with a series of teamwork challenges.  In the end, ‘J is the 10th’ came away with the WIN!!  Below are the final scores.

A special mention to Jacqui.  Jacqui has been moving fast through the levels and continues to demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm with every class.  So much so that we challenged Jacqui to creating a lesson plan for the first time and to deliver a segment to one of the toughest classes we have seen in all of our leadership training sessions so far.  

A special thank you to Martin Sensei and Bailey Sensei for making themselves available to coach our younger leaders whilst also challenging their instructor skills.  

Keep up the great work everyone and thank you for all that you do in the dojo as both a student and leader. Sunshine Coast Karate is better community because of your ‘presence’ and ‘contribution’.

Let’s continue to dig deeper to develop ourselves and each other whilst creating some wonderful memories together.  I hope ‘Princess Pumpkin’ recovers and is able to join us at the next leadership session. 

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