Final Grading of 2023


Congratulations to all students moving up to new levels at our final gradings for the year. Plus all of our Little Champions earning new belts & tips.

12th Kyu – Yellow belt
Koby Crocker, Logan Crotty, John Mitchell, Alexander Schroeder, Milo Smith, Jaime Toyer

11th Kyu – Orange belt, white stripe
Claude Acio, Henry Cranefield, Muhammad Ibrahim, Hunter Marett

10th Kyu – Orange belt
Grayor Diers, Milla Diers

9th Kyu – Green belt, white stripe
Glen Mulhall, Xavier Pedrana

8th Kyu – Green belt
Sebastian Bailey

7th Kyu – Blue belt, white stripe
Jasmine Pedrana, Ian Razzell, Mark Sprey

5th Kyu – Purple belt, white stripe
Hayden Hosking

2nd Kyu – Brown belt
Abby Kerrison, Steven Phillips

1st Kyu – Brown belt, black stripe
Abigail Robb

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