Karate Kyu Grading Results


Congratulations to all students challenging for new grades on Saturday 25th March. Results below

12th Kyu (Yellow belt)
Anaia Doughty, Edwin Flaherty, Jayla Doughty, Jessica Roberts, Kaitlyn Kelly

11th Kyu (Orange belt, white stripe)
Alexander Schroeder, Felix Taylor, John Mitchell, Noah Batic, Sophie McEvoy, Tane Milson, Travis Collis

10th Kyu (Orange belt)
Chase Bourke, Joshua Smith

9th Kyu (Green belt, white stripe)
Deja Ross, Hiroko Hediger

8th Kyu (Green belt)
Amelie Bates, Axel Dede, Lily Craven, Maya Batic, Oliver Krausz

7th Kyu (Blue belt, white stripe)
Debra Strazzari, Fiona Hawkins, Rebecca Austin, Sai Colless

6th Kyu (Blue belt)
Ian Razzell, Isabella Cutuli, Mitchell Stringer

5th Kyu (Purple belt, white stripe)
Lyriic Byrne, Maureen Khan

2nd Kyu (Brown belt)
Matai Doughty, Na’ila Khan, Timothy Probert

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