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A Training Opportunity Not To Be Missed!


Train with Australia’s highest-ranking Chito-Ryu Karate practitioner, Michael Noonan Kyoshi (7th Dan) – Head Instructor and Principal at The Karate Institute Peakhurst.

Noonan Kyoshi has spent his life studying martial arts and has been fortunate to have been a student of William (Bill) Ker Sensei for 5 years before his first trip to Japan to learn from Supreme Chito Ryu Instructor, Soke. Every year since that first visit Noonan Kyoshi has returned to Japan for intense training, to further his education.

There will be a limited opportunity to train with Noonan Kyoshi here on the Sunshine Coast. See class times on the attached poster.

Normal class limits will not apply to Saturday classes. All members are welcome to attend.

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