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A Touch of Inspiration – Committed to Black Belt Week


In October 2016, Abi began her journey at Sunshine Coast Karate with the ambitious goal of earning her black belt, starting as a white belt. Witnessing her progress from that initial stage to the verge of achieving her black belt has been truly inspiring for all of us.

Abi’s dedication and unwavering commitment are a shining example of what can be achieved through setting goals and maintaining focus. Her hard work serves as a reminder that with determination, one can experience incredible growth and reach new heights.

Let’s all congratulate Abi on her journey so far! If you happen to see Abi in the dojo, don’t hesitate to challenge her and support her in reaching even greater heights.

To celebrate Abi’s accomplishments, we have some photos capturing memorable moments of her progress so far.

Way to go Abi and thank you for being ‘YOU’!

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