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Final Results For 2023 Australian Team Members (Sunshine Coast Karate)


Congratulations everyone and we look forward to seeing everyone back in the dojo on Saturday.


?1st – Otis Pihema (Jr E Male Kata)

? 1st – Abi Robb (Jr C Female Kata)

? 1st – Sami Phillips (Jr B/C Female Kata)

? 1st – Brett McRae (Masters B Male Kata)

? 2nd – Flynn Jordan (Jr B Male Kata)

? 3rd – Mahirah Khan (Jr F Female Kata)

? 3rd – Na’ila Khan (Jr D Female Kata)


? 3rd – Abi Robb (Jr C Female Kumite)

? 3rd – Bailey Keefe (Jr A & B Male Kumite)

Kobujutsu (Weapons) Bo

? 1st – Sami Phillips (Jr A & B Female Kobujutsu Bo)

? 1st – Sam Hunt (Adult Male Kobujutsu Bo)

? 2nd – Bailey Keefe (Jr A & B Male Kobujutsu Bo)

? 2nd – Selina Strazzari (Adult Female Kobujutsu Bo)

Kobujutsu (Weapons) Sai

? 1st – Sami Phillips (Jr B-D Female Kobujutsu Sai)

? 2nd – Selina Strazzari (Adult & Masters C Female Kobujutsu Sai)

? 3rd – Bailey Keefe (Jr A-C Male Kobujutsu Sai)

Team Kata

? 1st – Sunshine Coast (Jr E Team Kata)

Otis Pihema, Mitchell Stringer, Mahirah Khan

? 2nd – Sunshine Coast (Jr C Team Kata)

Na’ila Khan, Abi Robb, Abby Kerrison

? 3rd – Sunshine Coast (Adult Team Kata)

Sam Hunt, Bailey Keefe, Sami Phillips

Team Kumite

? 1st – Australia (Jr C Girls Team Kumite)

Abi Robb (Sunshine Coast)

Abby Kerrison (Sunshine Coast)

Kate Milic (Tasseikan)

? 2nd – Australia (Jr C Boys Team Kumite)

Steven Phillips (Sunshine Coast)

Levi Lenton (Gold Coast)

Jasper Cox (Tasseikan)

? 2nd – Australia (Jr B Boys Team Kumite)

Flynn Jordan (Sunshine Coast)

Jack Milic (Tasseikan)

? 2nd – Australia (Adult Men Team Kumite)

Bailey Keefe (Sunshine Coast)

Brendan Young (Gold Coast)

Anthony Horgan (Gold Coast)

Jayden Labroski (Tasseikan)

Ethan Sorial (Tasseikan)

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