Way to Go Alex!


What a remarkable year it has been for Alex!

Alex is diligently honing three fundamental habits that are the building blocks of success, both in the dojo and in life. While these habits may appear small and simple, their power lies in their consistency over time, propelling one steadily closer to their aspirations.

1. Consistent Presence: Alex shows up at the dojo ready to train.

2. Unwavering Excellence: He gives his absolute best in every class.

3. Continuous Improvement: Alex receives feedback from his instructors and refines his skills.

Imagine what Alex will achieve if he continues to nurture and practice these three habits not only within the dojo but in all areas of his life.

Year after year, these seemingly modest practices compound and build momentum edging Alex towards the realisation of his goals.

Keep up the great work Alex and thank you for training at Sunshine Coast Karate.

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