Grading Success


Smiles all around for Axel, Matthew and Mason.

Both Matthew and Mason are making their transition from the Little Champions program to our Karate Kids program. This is Matthew and Mason’s first karate kids grading and we hope that it is the first of many.

Axel, just grading to blue/white stripe was also a Little Champion when he first began training at Sunshine Coast Karate. Axel is moving from strength to strength and we are also excited to see how Axel continues to move towards black belt and beyond.

Congratulations Axel, Matthew & Mason. Keep up the great work!

A special shout-out to the families of these talented boys who continue to do all they can to support their training at Sunshine Coast Karate. Without the support of families, some of our students couldn’t gain momentum with their training to achieve advancement in their martial arts studies. Thank you!

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