The Power of the Mind in Karate


While Sensei Sandra reflects on the year that’s been and looking forward to the year ahead we get a glimpse into where her karate journey is taking her.

Before you watch the video, apologies for the poor skills of the cameraman. I think he was too busy listening to what was being said and he wasn’t paying attention to where the camera was aiming.

Anyway, back to the contents of the video…

“Karate, it’s more than just kicking and punching.”

This has become a bit of a tagline for how we approach karate, but how deep can you really go.

The power of the mind is incredible and this is something that Sensei Sandra has been applying to her own life and deeply studying over the last few years and I think she’s ready now to start sharing more widely with others what she has learned.

It’s going to be a really interesting year ahead in the dojo at Sunshine Coast Karate.

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