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We are pleased to announce two new short courses idesigned to introduce the absolute beginner to the benefits of studying traditional Karate in the Chito-Ryu system at Sunshine Coast Karate.  We have one for kids 5-13 years of age and one for teens and adults 14 years and above.

These short courses are due to start towards the end of August and are expected to fill up very quickly once the word gets out about them.  So if you have any friends that you have been thinking about bringing along to the dojo to get started, this could be a great way to do just.

For more information about course dates and pricing follow the links below:

We are very happy to be providing courses such as this to the Sunshine Coast community and sharing Chito-Ryu as vehicle for personal growth in areas such as confidence, self esteem and respect.  While we spend a lot of our time developing the physical aspects in our training, these physical aspects are still a part of the vehicle that allows us to reflect upon ourselves and develop a strong spirit.

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