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Guest Student at Sunshine Coast Karate – Will Madgwick


Meet Senpai William Madgwick (Shodan, Jun-Shidoin), guest student at Sunshine Coast Karate. In this brief interview, Senpai Will generously shares insights into his training journey.

Having dedicated the initial 8 years to honing his skills under the guidance of Sensei Mark Snow (5th Dan, Renshi – Blue Mountains NSW), Senpai Will continued his training in Tokyo, Japan under the mentorship of Takatsugu Nakayama Sensei for 3 years.

We are incredibly privileged to welcome Senpai Will to Sunshine Coast Karate. Alongside his partner, Sawako-san, they will be making the Sunshine Coast their home for the first part of 2024.

If you see Senpai Will and Sawako-san at the dojo, please help us make them feel welcome.

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