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Soke Cup Squad Training… Are You Ready?


Every 3 years, the top competitors in Chito-Ryu world get together for the Chito-Ryu World Championships, also known as the Soke Cup.  Since Chito-Ryu was introduced to the Sunshine Coast in 2000, our dojo has been represented at each Soke Cup.  In 2001, Sensei Sandra was the sole representative, who went to Japan, placing 2nd in the Black Belt Women’s Kumite division.  In 2004, the Soke Cup was in Australia and the Sunshine Coast dojo was well represented with 17 competitors, coming away with 4 gold medallists, most of whom had only been training for a few years.  In the lead up to the 2007 Soke Cup in Norway, Sensei Sandra took on the role of coach for the national team, but due to the birth of Steven about a week before the tournament, Sensei Martin and Sensei Sandra did not attend, but there were still 3 representatives from the Sunshine Coast, with best result being 3rd place in Kata from Sempai Rhys in his age division.  For anyone interested, a full listing of results from Sunshine Coast members is available on the website.

For anyone who has ever been to a Soke Cup,  they are sure to remember that the best thing about the whole event is the lead up process.  The training is intense, physically and mentally demanding for 12-18 months prior to the event.  But those who take up the challenge and put in their full effort, grow incredibly throughout the process in their technique and confidence.  The next Soke Cup is around 18 months away now and it’s time to start the process all over again and begin preparing for the 2010 Soke Cup in Japan.  And we want to know… Do you have what it takes to be a world champion? We know that anyone who really wants to be a world champion can be, because we have done it and we have coached others who have done it.

To become a world champion is really a simple process, challenging, but simple.  We know, that even someone who is just starting their training right now could be a World Champion in 2010.  The first step is just to make the commitment to join the squad and do exactly what your coaches ask you to do.  Over the last 6 months or so, it has really dawned on me how to succeed in just about anything.  And I would like to share my secret success formula with you.  But before I do, please take some time to think about this, because it will seem all too simple, but it does work.  I have seen it work and it’s worked for me many times.  Are you ready…?

Step 1 – Find a good teacher or coach, preferably someone who has already done exactly what you want to do.
Step 2 – Copy them and do exactly what they ask you to do.

That’s it!  By the way, this doesn’t only apply to karate.  It works for anything!

Hopefully by now, you have realised that you already have done the first step.  Now here’s the first thing that we are going to ask you to do…

Join the Soke Cup Squad.  The first session and squad meeting will be Saturday, 22nd February at Maroochydore dojo 9am-12noon.  At this session, you will learn more about the Soke Cup, exactly what it takes to get on the team, what will be expected of you and a whole lot more.  Jim Moehead has even organised a Japanese instructor to come in each month to make sure that you have the basics of the Japanese language.

Even if right now, there is just the smallest thought that maybe you could be even slightly interested in going to the Soke Cup or becoming a World Champion, you should be there.  Don’t regret not  taking this opportunity, I can guarantee that in around 18 months, some of your fellow dojo members will be in Japan celebrating their success at the Soke Cup.  The question is… Are you going to be there with them?

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