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New Website Connecting Us With The Coast


Sunshine Coast Karate has always been a family friendly martial arts school with a mix a age specific and family classes.  This allows members of all ages to enjoy the benefits of training in the martial arts in a family focussed environment.  With this in mind we have launched a new website to help new students find us more easily and select the best program for their needs.

Our programs have always been focussed on teaching personal development through martial arts, and our goal is to transform lives one family at a time. But it continues to amaze me how many people just don’t know where here, even though we’ve been the home of the martial arts in Maroochydore and Kuluin for the last 9 years.

Our kids karate classes for children aged 8-14 years are more popular than ever and our little champions classes for 4-7 year old is growing to be a great foundation in the martial arts that teaches kids how use their rasor sharp focus not only in the dojo but at home and school too.  Parents love the way their kids are more respectful and responsive than ever.  Check out some of the great testimonials that some of our parents have written.

Our karate classes for adults are helping students realise that life can be fun and that the stress from work doesn’t have to carry over into other areas of life.  While our programs offer so much more than just improved fitness, getting fit at Sunshine Coast Karate doesn’t have to be a drag and monotony isn’t an option in the dojo.

But our family karate classes are always the most popular.  It’s great to see Mum & Dad training alongside the kids.  And in a lot of cases Mum & Dad being taught by their kids.  Quality time isn’t about sitting down watching your favourite TV show together.  It’s about getting out and experiencing life together.  That’s what our family classes are all about!

Drop by and check it out sometime, we’d love to hear what you think!


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