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Testimonial – Sunshine Coast Karate


We love hearing what our students are getting out of their training here at Sunshine Coast Karate. It’s so much more than just learning how to kick and punch.

Here’s what Heidi has to say about her son Hayden’s time training with us, so far…


My son started at Sunshine Coast Karate when he was 5. He’s nearly 14 and I’m so grateful to Sensei Sandra and Martin for the coaching and community they have provided Hayden. He’s stronger physically, mentally and emotionally, because of karate and it’s his favourite place to be.

Hayden started at Sunshine Coast Karate when he was 5. He was hyperactive and low tone, needing over-the-foot orthotics. Sensei Martin & Sandra had no worries with this as they provided continued stimulation and creativity, which targeted skills like focus, strength and fun. One day, we realised he didn’t even NEED his orthotics any more as his foot strength was so good. Another pivotal moment was when Hayden went from a more uncoordinated child to really ‘getting’ karate.

Without karate, Hayden would have low tone and posture issues. He would have far less focus when life gets challenging. You can see the karate training in his eyes. He knows himself. He knows where he wants to go in life. He knows how to get there. Everything he practices in the dojo is replicable for real life.

Beyond the karate skills, one of the biggest bonuses of having come to Sunshine Coast Karate is the community. Senseis Sandra & Martin create a positive space for children to come together to learn and have fun. It doesn’t matter if they are having a hard time at home or in school, they can come and find a positive space to be at the dojo. They are the ‘extra parents’ you’d love to have as mentors for your children.

Not only has Hayden learned karate skills, he began to THRIVE when he reached the age to be in the Leadership Program. It was also a bonus when he was at the age to practice weapons and he realised ‘this is the BEST part of karate – I LOVE this part’. We never contemplated these sides of karate when we pondered on karate for him when he was 4yrs old.

One thing that frustrates me is when parents say ‘I don’t like the physical contact in karate’ when they also mention, ‘my child is doing karate moves themselves’. The thing is, if your child is doing those moves, it’s within them. They will continue to do these moves and possibly play out the physical contact. It’s empowering for them to learn what to do with their drive to practice these moves. AND the get so many benefits that come with karate that my Hayden has received – a welcoming community, fulfilment and life purpose.

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