Weapons Clinic


Thanks everyone who attended our kobujutsu (Weapons) training workshops throughout the weekend. It was a very full 2 days of training and huge improvements shown by everyone. Thank you to Adam Higgins Shihan from Gold Coast Chito-Ryu Karate for assisting with teaching and also to students who travelled from interstate to attend, Senpai Ray Ng, Senpai Mya Cox & Ross Taranec.

And congratulations to Senpai Selina Strazzari who successfully passed her kobujutsu 1st kyu grading at the very end of a long weekend in the dojo.

We already have another weekend of kobujutsu workshops planned for later in the year (17-18 August), plus we’re we’re also planning a beginner kobujutsu workshop for those who are keen to start learning weapons (date TBC).

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