Grading Success


Congratulations to all students who earned new grades last weekend! Your hard work and dedication have brought you this achievement.

Take a moment to reflect on how far you have come and the progress you’ve made. As you celebrate this milestone, remember to set your sights on new goals and destinations.

Let this success be a stepping stone towards even greater accomplishments in your martial arts journey. Keep pushing forward and striving for excellence!

Students Grading on Saturday 23rd March

12th Kyu – Yellow belt
Livy Anderson, Spencer Mulhall, Willabelle Robinson

11th Kyu – Orange belt, white stripe
Ryan Gregson, Monique Robinson, Beau Vale

10th Kyu – Orange belt
Marley Byrne, Anne Marie O’Callaghan, Hayley Teasdale

9th Kyu – Green belt, white stripe
Anaia Doughty

7th Kyu – Blue belt, white stripe
Xavier Pedrana

5th Kyu – Purple belt, white stripe
Isabella Cutuli, Ian Razzell

3rd Kyu – Brown belt, white stripe
Otis Pihema

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