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Altered Day Classes – 16th & 18th March 2010

Hi Everyone,

There is much excitement at Sunshine Coast Karate at this very moment.  Soke Sensei will arrive on the Sunshine Coast on Friday and begin teaching on Friday night.

You can review the complete training schedule for Soke Sensei’s visit here.

Please note that we will be cancelling both day classes next week (Tuesday 16th & Thursday 18th March) to accommodate Soke Sensei.  Early morning classes for next week (Tuesday 16th & Thursday 18th March) will continue as normal.

For all members who would normally train at these times, please feel free to alter your training schedule to make up missed classes and by all means take advantage of as much training with Soke Sensei as you can.

Enjoy your training this week and we look forward to catching up with you all at the dojo.